Anal Sex 101  

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2/9/2006 7:29 am

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Anal Sex 101

Saddletrampsk: Honey, I'll be your DustBuster any time! And when my batteries run low, I'll just yell "Stand-In !" (Love the jokes on your blog, too.)

Ok, back to business....take a look at the icon for this post. Do you find that sweet little ass appealing? Most men, and some women, do. That's a young man's ass, guys. Still find it attractive,? Don't lie to me, now, of course you do. For the same reason you find a woman's cleavage tantalizing. Those round globes of creamy, smooth flesh, inviting you into the warm abyss that lies between them. So why did nature make boobs and butts so sexually appealing, especially if neither has any active role in procreation? Well, I think it's just a genetic thing, that over time, those with the nicest asses and boobs had the most sex, and had the most babies. Nature doesn't care if you're in the 'wrong' hole, or even with the wrong sex. Eventually you'll be in the right place at the right time.

Anal foreplay can be quite stimulating for either sex, as exhibited by today's 'shocker' hand gesture. Hell, back in my younger days, that was known as the 'bowling ball' hold. Nothing new under the sun, eh? For men, anal penetration provides a higher level of sexual arousal, as the prostate itself is being stimulated, and can speed up and amplify his orgasm considerably. Any guy who has masturbated with a small butt plug in his ass can attest to that.

Tips and Tricks: Here's what I know from my limited experience. Please feel free to add your comments/suggestions also.

1. Cleanliness: This is the part nobody likes to talk about, but let's face it, the bung hole is a dirty little place. If you don't want to take any preparations ahead of time, then use a condom, and avoid any possible infections. Otherwise, you need to irrigate the interior so that it's reasonably clean. I use a plastic hose that fits over the bathtub faucet. Just a small spurt of warm water up the old glory hole, over to the toilet, and you're done. This can be quite an erotic and stimulating experience in itself.

2. Lubrication: This is essential. Use lots and lots, and I recommend an oil based cream or lotion with lanolin, rather than a water based product like KY Jelly, as it quickly dries out. I've heard that you shouldn't use an organic product like butter, as there could be bacterial infection associated with it. I don't know, I've used it, and it felt great, with no problems afterwards.

3. Dilation: Try to ram your rod in there all at once, and it's going to hurt. The idea is to gently expand the hole a little at a time, so it'll be pleasurable and exciting. I suggest using two butt plugs, a small one first, easing it in a little at a time, followed by a medium sized one. After that one has been in a few minutes, then you're ready to take the real thing, and it'll be a satisfying experience.

Ok, that's the end of my lesson for today. On the lighter side, I had this dream once about a bunch of naked guys in a barber shop, all standing in a line, and humping each other's asses. Why a barber shop, you ask? Beats me, it's a dream ya know. Anyway, what if you had like 20 guys lined up, but going around into a circle. Now, they could count off, 1-2, 1-2, and so on. Then someone would count cadence, and they'd thrust forward when they heard their number. But.....what if you added one more guy. Then you'd have an odd number, and would have to just let nature take it's course as to how the whole thing would work. I'll leave that up to some college kid to figure out for his Master's Thesis: "Rhythmic Patterns in a Circular Gang Bang".


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2/25/2006 2:36 am

Hey baby,
Just catching up, "Rhythmic Patterns in a Circular Gang Bang". Wouldn't it be the 21 guy connecting to the 1, therefore a total round connection (21)guy being 1 and the first guy being a two, makeing it a lock out?....Just my theory, Can we get 210 guys together and find out?



babybuttman 69M

2/27/2006 5:39 am

Hi Doll,

You know 210 guys?!! How about just you, me and two other guys. We could take turns making each other 'air tight'. Or, just you and me.

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