Wanting more....................oh yes  

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7/5/2005 1:18 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Wanting more....................oh yes

Ahhhh another poem I wrote....to my florida man...whos so magical....to you hun


I feel myself holding you close to me squeezing your body tight,
as I daydream about that very first night..

Let me tell you about how it will unfold,
this will be something for your memory to hold.

To feel you running your hands across my breasts, your hands feeling so good,
Is something I believe I'd enjoy, honestly I would.

Trembling so wonderfully as I bite my lip,
from feeling of the softness of your fingertips.

Tasting all those spots I've told you about from afar,
hoping you remember just where they are.

Slowly lowering your kisses that are oh so sweet,
to my twins, and oh boy, you, they just can't wait to meet.

Lavishing them with your lips and hands so strong,
a feeling I'll be waiting to experience for way too long.

Kissing as you move lower down my body to that special place,
you'll look up at me to see the expression on my face.

Watching you touch, taste and explore,
making me want you so much more.

Those juices will flow as I ease back on the bed,
to watch you, all I can see is the top of your head.

The look upon my face as I experience this sensation,
of what your lips and hands are creating.

I'll pull you up to feel my mouth so hot, on fire,
no other thoughts, no other cares just the feelings of desire.

To feel the tides of passion as you enter me,
a feeling I'm sure to remember so blissfully.

Pulses pounding in the rapture taken to the hilt, then just past,
rhythm growing faster, faces glowing to the climax coming fast.

The heated look of ecstasy shining in my eyes,
as the feeling builds within my udulating thighs.

The feelings echoing out for you to hear,
Oh god, I can tell you I'm enjoying this I swear.

The hungry look upon my face as we become one,
will tell us we're right, doing this will be such fun.

My arching back, my fingernails on yours, all mixed with my perfume and sweat,
the way you keep rubbing against me with my insides oh so wet.

Building to that feeling of sweet ecstacy,
is this in my head, or just a fantasy.

The way your dead beat and ready to fall face first to the floor,
I'll put my lips to your ear, and whisper, "I WANT MORE"

yes more of the blaster magic...

rm_talldarkavg1 105M
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7/7/2005 5:36 am

Lucky guy.

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