Saturday night....OH MY GAWD>>>>  

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11/13/2005 1:50 pm

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Saturday night....OH MY GAWD>>>>


I’ve been thinking about what I would do to you,
when I see you this weekend….here’s what I’m going to do!!

You walk in the door and spot me dressed in a scant black baby doll
I have to hold you back from what you want to do to me right now.

I kiss that mug of yours, as I always need to say hello to you my sweet man,
and I feel the results of the kiss, as your hands that firmly start to demand.

Wait big guy…. relax…and lets enjoy what’s going to happen to us,
as we explore those weeks and weeks of pent up lust.

I welcome you into my house…and dressed in very little…to tease you just so,
teasing you and pleasing you are all something about me you already know.

You do know what I enjoy and what I will in return give to you my sweet one,
for all and all we will be quite happy when playtimes is done.

To begin I sit you on the couch and help you to relax before we begin,
shhhhh it’s only the beginning of me making your head spin….

Normally we would not relax as much as I plan to today,
with you sweet man…I can’t wait for us to share and play!!

Kisses and hugs…. to start so slowly as the seduction begins,
I look at your face, and I so enjoy that sexy grin.

It’s the slow seduction of me and you is what my body yearns for,
and this time we won’t have to close any bedroom doors!!

All alone to play with you my sweet man the day is here for us to enjoy,
enjoy I will, you my sweet wonderful man whore toy.

You rush to feel my breasts with your hands, but I push them away,
I place your hands in your lap and that’s where they will stay.

The rush of touching makes for great pleasures for both you and I,
Why the heck then is this something for you that I deny?

Because I want to make this a slow soft and gentle seduction of you,
I know these types of feelings are not something you are used to.

Slowly I kiss you and with each kiss your lips are telling me you want more,
I hold your hands, and no it’s not time for them to move and explore.

You can’t resist as your urges for me are reaching higher and higher levels needing to touch,
Hmmmm that touch of yours is something I desire so damn much.

I take your hands from your lap and release them to begin to explore my body,
as I’m so turned on thinking about you being such a hottie.

You take your hands and begin to move them in such a hurried pace,
I jokingly ask you…..hey baby where’s the race?

You take my breasts out of the black teddy that I have on, and I see that look in your eye
waiting and waiting as if it’s something I am going to deny.

Deny you only for a little bit at the very beginning of this time of passion,
slowly building and building to a final explosion is all I’m asking.

Your hands knead my breasts as I love to feel the roughness of your hands,
cautiously touching and wondering is this what she demands?

Gently you take my nipple into your mouth and taste,
that nipple will enjoy your mouth as you suck and lick, at such a hurried pace.

The hurried pace is because of how long it has been since we’ve connected in this way,
it’s a good thing that we have planned to have fun over and over this wonderful day.

Both of my breasts you pull together so you can get both the nipples in your mouth,
as I have already pulled your hands away as you eased them to the south.

No touching in the southern areas not just yet,
I am dying to see how much hotter this will get.

Slipping your shirt over your head, I need to feel your chest on mine,
oh my lord, that feeling is so wonderfully divine.

Skin upon skin, lips upon lips, kissing and feeling those wonderful hot sensations,
lordy lordy this has been so worth all the waiting.

With slow hot kisses, touches of skin on skin, suddenly there’s something more I feel,
As I sit on your lap, it’s something I feel and it’s very very real.

Hmmmm what exactly is that I ask, I feel something so very hard,
you laugh at me and say man your such a fucking card…

You know what that is that you are feeling you most certainly do,
as you slowly tell me this is what I am going to do to you….

I make you spend an enormous amount of time sucking and licking,
Thinking about that hard thing and where it will in time be sticking.

Foreplay is so much fun as it leads to that final moment in time,
where your part meets mine and it’s so utterly divine!!

I stop….as we are moving way to fast this was to be a slow seduction,
it’s so hard as my mind races and I just want to be fucking.

Not just yet…..I make sure you understand as I move to the floor,
you know exactly what those movements mean and what’s in store.

Slowly I touch your body, I move my hands to the south,
as you know what’s going to happen as I tease your balls with my mouth.

Down comes the zipper and I peak inside to find what I am looking for,
Hmmmm I found it….and my hands just have to move and explore.

Off come the pants as I need you naked now so I can enjoy,
That dick of yours my hot man whore toy!!

Oops….yes it’s your dick I truly enjoy, tasting and teasing,
and the look in your eyes certainly tells me that to you this is very pleasing.

I love to look you in the eyes as I stick out my tongue to tease your dick,
ahhh and you would prefer to have my mouth all over it and yes make it quick!!

Quickness is not something from me your gonna get right now,
slow licking and touching right now is all I’m gonna allow.

I just love the taste of your balls and dick in my mouth,
man I want you to pay as much attention to my area in the south.

Yet I take my time to enjoy this area between your knees,
as you over and over again moan oh please…

Usually it’s more like oh Gawd and I have to laugh when I hear it,
NO it’s me….and don’t bring God into this shit.

Hehe….I laugh as I know what I am doing to your dick as I am toying,
it’s the time I spend doing this is what you are really enjoying….

I’m not stingy as I take my time and am sure to taste all of your manhood,
oh and I’m waiting for this in return and you most surely understood!!

Get up here you tell me, your turn is here for you to enjoy that oral part,
as I know what that means as you kiss me and begin to start.

Kisses so sweet, make sure you don’t forget that spot on my neck,
and kiss and suck it, it’s an area where I desire more than just a peck.

Many men do not know that spot on the right side of my neck just below my ear,
it excites me to no end…..and to you I’ve made that very clear.

More attention to my breasts as you devour my body and give me my turn,
as for you my sweet man…you know how to make my womanly fires surely burn.

A touch of your fingers to ensure that my hot box is all warmed up for what is in store,
this is something from you I most surely enjoy.

Your hands work magic on the hot box I have to admit,
oh baby baby, please whatever you do, don’t quit.

Then from your hands you move to enjoy with your mouth, yes you do,
oh baby, I’ve needed this so very much, I am sure I you have some clue.

Hands and tongue, enjoying what they are doing to me,
waiting and waiting for that moment of orgasm to be freed.

You know the combination of how to make that orgasm happen it’s no lie,
ahhh baby baby, don’t let it happen so fast and slip right by.

Then I feel that wave rush over me as I know it’s so near, I can feel it,
as I moan and move with such urgency, you know it’s near oh shit…

Don’t stop what you’re doing, keep that finger near my ass,
oh my Gawd, please don’t let this wonderfully hot moment pass.

Ahhhhhhhhh and ohhhhhhhhhhh it’s happening…oh my dear,
yes you know that sign, she is cumming it’s so very clear!!

Oh baby….wow…that was awesome….for sure now I need something more,
you know exactly what I want and give it to me for sure.

You come up and we kiss as I taste me on your mouth it’s confusing,
but you know pinks not for me, and have no illusions…

Now oh my I need to feel your dick inside me….having just cum,
you know exactly where my thoughts and feelings are coming from.

What a feeling as you slide your manhood into that pink hot box oh my!!
silly man you take your time, you tell me oh stop you are just fine!!

Sure I am fine, it’s true, but I want the feelings that come from the connection,
of you having that hot hot wonderful manhood erection!!

I always need to feel you from the missionary position yes it’s true,
then there are other things to me, oh baby you know what to do!!

Turn around so doggy can take his turn,
to make those womanly fires ignite and hotly burn.

Hmmm one more spot baby…’s the last hole that wants to be used,
no baby, it’s not something you have ever abused..

Ahhhhh….it took some time to make that last hole accept your hot rod and I’m not shy,
You prepare the hole and never ever have to question why!

Why I let you take every hole that I have on my body……
it’s a comfort and definitely the connection we have……Mr. Hottie!!

Oh my it’s a feeling that I can’t explain as you enter me and start fucking me,
have I ever told you, this is a part of me, that has recently been set free?

I am sure you enjoy this as much as I do if I could only see your face,
surely it’s a look of excitement never to be erased.

Once again my sweet man whore toy, I’ve so enjoyed your touch,
As always, this connection I enjoy way way too much!!

9Simon9 66M
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11/16/2005 5:21 am

Great erotic writing; keep up the good work.

Also, keep those pics coming.

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