My first AFF man .....  

babsygirl 55F
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7/12/2005 1:48 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

My first AFF man .....

To you mr big10r who I enjoy so much

At first I was put off by his strong come on,
then slow but surely to him I'm drawn.

I stopped by his work to see if he would recognize me, he did and asked if I was free.

I followed him to his apartment unsure of what I was doing,to see if he was someone worth pursuing.

It was kind of awkward but more of it was my hesitancy of the unsure, he tried to make me feel comfortable but for my nerves there was no cure.

You're just one of those good girls he said,
someone who's inhibitions aren't easily shed.

Hugs, kisses and whispers of what to come in my ear he made his intentions oh so clear.

Yet it was not something I could do, there was still so much unsureness I had to work through.

He told me to call or email him, I said ok,
got in my truck and was on my way.

Not sure of what my next step would be,
I knew I wanted to be around him, just not sure to what degree.

I tried to meet a couple guys but they are so young, and their chickening out really stung.

There was a thought in my head to go see him again, all I had to do was mention it and he asked when.

when can we connect and take care of a hunger from deep inside, it was something to him I could no longer hide.

I went to see him at his work and he was quite charming, the part of him I no longer felt was alarming.

Plans were made to see each other later that night, was sure he could take care of my urges all right..

Before he came, I connected with my online friend, who gave me a boost of positive energy right till the end.

I answered the door and told him that I needed to say goodbye, to my online friend who knew what I was about to try.

He came up behind me and lifted my night shirt to expose my breasts, yeah I'm sure he knows what feels best.

Kisses so sweet yet giving of his oral talents,
helped me know this guy is extremely exciting and so gallant.

We moved to my room and sat down on the bed,
if only you could hear the voices in my head.

Exchanges of what's expected from birth control to condom safety we speak, I can tell I will really enjoy his technique.

Kisses so strong with tongues darting in and out,
enjoying his energies and making me oh so wet without a doubt.

I feel his lips on my nipples urging them to salute and stand tall, deep into this mans bones, I want to crawl.

To touch his huge dick so wonderfully erect,
I can tell with this guys body I can't wait to connect.

He urges me to pay attention to his huge distraction, it's poking so wonderfully erect waiting for action,

I tease him with my tongue so slightly
wrapping my hand around the base of his cock so tightly.

Words of pleasure let me know he's enjoying
soft licking and sucking it's with him I'm toying.

Easing back to look at his erect huge cock staring me in the face, hoping to leave thoughts in his head no one can erase.

Slowly down I take him inside my mouth as he is so erect, I know he's enjoying the pressure of my tongue and hands as I connect.

Mmmmm he tastes so good as I begin to get into this wonderful task, to repay this action I'm sure he will ask.

Right now I'm enjoying the pleasure that escapes from him, and to think I emailed him on a whim!

Time for my repayment of this very pleasure,
a moment that will be such a treasure.

His tongue teases my clit and it is such a terrific feeling, it's all my self control to keep me from squealing.

This is such an awesome feeling, him between my knees, another moment in this experience that I'd like to freeze.

Just to remember gives me shivers up my spine,
remembering his tongue, oh my so divine..

He inserts his fingers into my hot pink hole and goes wild, the feelings he's giving me are anything but mild.

His fingers - hmmmmm inside just to remember ooooooh, just how great he made me feel, sooooooo.

Extremely intense in this union between me and him, I'm so glad I acted on my whim.

Now he's more than ready to get down, as I can tell you the expression on his face is not a frown.

On goes the protection of life these days, something you gotta use, It's a matter of life or death, it's life I choose.

OMG it feels so good as he enters me for the first time, such wonderful feelings as our bodies combine.

So long has it been for me since I've felt a hot cock inside me, oooooooooh this feeling is very intense as it could be.

Just to remember this now, OMG it gets me going,
between my legs I can feel those juices flowing.

Wonderful feelings of this in and out pumping from him, I'm so glad I acted on my whim.

He knows my favorite position and asks if it's something I want to do, something else for me to enjoy as this is so new.

That position is doggy style, I imagine I will feel all of his "hot rod" oooooooooh I can feel it, Oh my God!

He goes for deep and connecting skin to skin,
I can't believe he got all 9 inches in!!

Deep inside I can feel him and it's such an effect, his utterly wonderful hot dick is so erect.

Seems like time is standing still, as we continue fucking at will.

The most wonderful sensations, bringing me to a higher plateau, feelings inside me, ooooooh I just need this so.

As he gets closer to completing this extremely wonderful experience to a sexual climax, he withdraws, only for a minute to pause.

He takes the condom off as he withdraws ready to cum, I tell him go ahead and cum on my bum!

Opening my eyes, I look around, and your watching from over in the corner without making a sound!

oh yes...that is Mr Blaster....watching me enjoy...someday honey... Me and U

hope you enjoy this poem..

rm_nc_kramerica 47M
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7/16/2005 4:11 pm

Sounds like a dirty SLUT! happyf;

rm_Eclectic001 53M

7/16/2005 7:45 pm

Wow... erotic stories in POEM form! That's a new one on me! Very nice, very well done. <applause>

wetnwildaquarius 44F

8/22/2005 7:08 pm

Good for you babsygirl. Now get some more of these good men on here. There's plenty out there. lol Go for it!

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