3Sum.......continued from previous BLOG  

babsygirl 55F
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8/16/2005 4:52 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

3Sum.......continued from previous BLOG

If you read my BLOGS..you read about a 3SUM...this is the continued rest of it... enjoy

So now you've assured me that to you I am still sweet, and that the connection we have is real and deep.

I watched as you took care of that thirst,
the build up of your pent up energies made you almost burst.

You're enjoying this man toy we found,
as I watch vividly without making a sound.

This time the mans ass is yours for the taking,
something I know to enjoy your cock has been aching.

While your pumping his ass I can see the expression on your face, to let you enjoy this, I give you your space.

As I watch I wait with anticipation for my turn,
because for you my love, my fires do burn.

His tongue feels so different than yours as he teases me, now this is something for you to watch and see.

Our new toy teases me with his tongue and it feels strange, so much more time with this toy we'll have to arrange.

His touch is nothing like the one that comes from your hands, a touch so wonderful, my heart and soul demands.

Yet here we are as this man prepares to slide his cock into my flesh, an entrance that at first I did protest.

Into my pussy he enters me with his hot dick,
I'm starting to like this oh so quick.

You're so turned on you ca't stay away,
you jokingly say "can I come and play?"

Now it's all three of us as he continues fucking me, this we're enjoying, I hope you agree.

Time to switch who's fucking my sweet pink hole,
to the man who captures my very soul.

Our union is always so great and intense,
because when it comes to you, I have no defense.

This man toy seems to need more of what he joined us for, it's up to us to help him enjoy and explore.

Exploring a couple thats invited him to play,
with him he enjoys letting us have our way.

As I lay here all wonderfully blissed,
I realize that our toy is enjoying us kiss.

He still has a huge hardon that is staring at us,
the look on his face is mixed with distress.

Do you think you could help put him out of his misery, completing another page in our 3Sum history.

Wow....have not read this poem in some time...but it's hot...to you my magical blaster man. muah..

9Simon9 66M
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8/20/2005 3:15 pm

Great blog.
Love the pics.

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