The Hostlist cleanup  

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1/7/2006 8:11 pm

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The Hostlist cleanup

So I went through my Hotlist today... There are a lot of hot women on AdultFriendFinder, but I wonder how many of them are real? I mean, if you want sex, there are TONS of guys out there looking to please...

I've had a few outstanding experiences that I'd like to share with you. One in particular happened a few weeks ago when I met a friend for lunch while house sitting.

She was in from out of town, so we decided to meet for lunch during the New Years break... you know, the one where most poeple take the week between Christmas and New Years off. Anyway, I didn't and she was visiting family in town. So needless to say, between our hot IM chats and her cam, things were pretty steamy before she arrived. I knew her from a while ago, but she moved out of town for family reasons.

Back to the story... She and I were to meet for lunch at my friend's place. I had a key, he was out of town, and I had a raging boner that she needed to feel. It was one of those long distance relationships where we both wanted the same thing, and I wanted to make sure she was pleased.

So I met her at a nearby grocery store parking lot, and she followed me back to his place. We went inside, where I had lunch prepared -- and by "prepared", I mean I did the smart thing and ordered carry-out and had it ready on the plate when we walked in.

So we ate lunch together, made some small talk, and then sat on the couch. She sat close to me while we made more small talk, but eventually her chin turned up at me (I'm tall, she's 5'2", you do the math) and we started kissing. It started with small, "friendly" kisses, and moved into open mouth kissing. No tongue yet, just opened mouths. Eventually I worked my tongue into hers and we started making out, akin to the way teenagers do... It was pretty hot, and my cock was getting pretty aroused and ready for action.

She climbed on top of me, so I naturally went right for her small yet perky tits. They are great - perfect aereola, hard nipples... mmm, they made me even harder. I started fondling them over her bra, then finally unhooked it (with one hand, I might add) and took my attention away from her mouth and down to her hot little tits. My mouth engulfed one tit and started sucking slowly while pulling back... her nipples were so hard that I could feel them on my tongue, so I obliged by sucking outwardly on them and occasionally rubbing them in my teeth (carefully, of course).

If you want to know how this real life story ends, comment. If I get enough comments I'll post the steamy oral escapades, the hot sex and "climax" of the story.

candybaby36 40F

1/7/2006 11:49 pm

love the story stated turning me on if you wanna really get off AdultFriendFinder

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