Friday and still unfucked  

b0rg_ 44M
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5/26/2006 2:15 am
Friday and still unfucked

Welp. Friday now. Been a week of hellish movement from Baltimore to York and back 3 or 4 times.

I've had several oppotunities where if I had a actually applied myself I mighta got a taste of some sweet lady meat. But I'm being patient, saving my load for the right one.

The right one being the first half decent looking female that smiles at me. I can smell it ...its close I think I may get laid this weekend.....

If only one horny girl would just fuck me already, is what goes through my mind but then I got this other girl on the york group who think i must only want supermodels.

Supermodels, No

Average, Yes

I think I will post a sign somewhere outside saying: cum one cum all fuck the b0rg_ at least once you wont regret it one inch!!.

So I gotta do some work tomorrow helping someone move, and then hopefully this weekend there is some lucky lady who will get to fuck me and appreciate me. Stay tuned..

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