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9/10/2005 12:48 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


ok every1 that had such a good time with snake . here we go there is a federal ivestigation on some of you no joke.i already informed passions and i will hold them reponsible for this mess as for all you jokers heres the names i have to turn in .sx4blondebdnaz,sexher1010,mtnhigh67,hardnpierced, 2_4fun4u2,tusanchofavorito,tigger6227,hotitalianguy41,deltacom1,hackinsack,azdrum,cyndeven2,pettinkitties2,pendragon940,mikem794,yumashadiest08justinworsinfullycindytp upaz,sneeky bear,richa22,NORM4FUN,iamfreeaga1n,finebabygurllala,pussieeater35,discreetfuckexp,snugglebunnyjen,ntybigboynaz,deltacom1rokcarver,ins8tiableazntus ok my hand hurts you all know im not into this shit.tomarrow i turn the list in. think im bullshitting ask passions I DONT WANT MY BOY TO BE TAKEN FROM ME AND THATS IT. but sence jamie contines 2 hidee in her secret life .and not only telling her faimly but mine as well that im just making everything up.look right know my life is shit so i could give 2 shits what happens 2 me But even though i know alot of you on this list had nothing 2 do with it just played along hahah .LOOK i cant help some people but those of you who live this secret life doent want nothing revealed i dont blame you.all i w2ant is my boy thats it,and sorry jamie someone has pics of you im sure.everyone knows my email address seams like its all your choice because i have nothing 2 looseright know . y should i care about your life im not comming back but if i dont see something bye morning ill have no problem turning it in .........

iluvjbsinaz 55M

9/10/2005 5:52 am

Federal investigation?? For what, exactly??????? I'm very confused.

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