i met someone so perfect, and i can not be with her  

ayaziduck 60M
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8/1/2006 6:03 am
i met someone so perfect, and i can not be with her

today im sad. she was everything i dreamed of. i met her in a vehicle meeting, and the chemistry was there. she made me so hard! and excited me so! i wanted her in words and then in person. i loved her touch. i loved her passion, her desire. but we are both married and have no place to experience the joy that is so close. so i ran, hid, shut out the world, did what i know to do when im at the end of my road. she ran to another man's bed, fucking him, wishing it was me, she was mad too. the world is cruel some times, so good other times. when the road ends i put on my eagle wings and feel the wind and the sun on my body. i soak in their healing warmth and movement and i begin to feel and see again and set before me the hope and light born out of another end of road moment in my life. all roads go to somewhere. life is about where and how each ends.

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