weekend pleasure  

awakenedwomen69 46F
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9/18/2005 3:04 pm

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9/10/2011 10:07 pm

weekend pleasure

Another weekend without the kids means another weekend i get to be naughty.

A little dissapointing but had a great time none the less. David (my play toy as i call him) had met a couple online who were interested in playing with the two of us. After exchanging emails and pics i was excited for the weekends play session. We had planned to go out for some drinks and then back to Davids place for some fun. I took a long bath Saturday afternoon and "groomed" myself so i was nice and smooth and then got dressed in a nice mini skirt and black thong underneath and a tight blouse topped off by a nice pair of strapless heels. I was all excited (and looking yummy) and ready to leave when David contacted me and told me the couple had backed out (last minute emergency)....bummer.

I said that sucked but we should still get together for some fun...which he agreed with, so we met at a bar for some drinks and dancing. After a couple of drinks we danced and flirted and back at the table i let my hands do some groping. He was all for that and did some of his own groping too...hehe. While we were dancing we started chatting to a couple who were seated at the next table. During the conversation we found that they were married and out fo rsome fun...when they asked about us we told them the truth...that we met on a site for people wanting to meet for sex. They were stunned and thought we were joking but when they realized it was the truth they were very curious and after a while i asked if they would want to come back to Davids place for some fun...and that we were going back there so i could have David "fuck my brains out" and they were more than welcome to watch...they definately did not expect our frankness and they discussed it in eachothers ears but sadly they said they were too nervous ..."maybe next time" so David gave his email address and they left. We dirty danced a little more and then i told David it was time to leave.

This time in the elevator up to his apartment we were all over each other. Soon as we got through his apartment door the cloths came off and as he pulled his shirt off i dropped to my knees, undid his pants and began sucking him. The buzz from the alcohol, the anticipation of the nights activities and the flirting had built me up to the point of exploding. It must have done the same for David because it didn't take him too long before he came and i was more than happy to receive it. After he had finished shaking he bent down and grabbed my face and gave me a very passionate kiss, pulling me up, he lead me to the bedroom and now it was my turn to be ravaged. What seemed like dozens of orgasms later he was hard again and i was very ready for him. It was definately one of those night were i wanted monkey sex and David was up for the challenge.

After a nice hot shower and more sex i left his apartment after lunch today and went home where i proceeded to take a hot bath and soak my aching muscles. My hips and thighs were so sore that i needed to soak them. Just like last time i am a little tender in areas (in a good way)...hehe and hope that feeling will last me till next time. David said that the other couple was very sorry for cancelling and were hoping to join us next time (me too) and maybe our friends from the bar would like to watch...LOL

The kids aren't back till MOnday after school so i could do with a good nights sleep to catch up on what i lost this weekend.

drnick20054 28M

9/21/2005 11:39 am

awesome weekend babe

allnightlon01960 56M
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9/9/2011 12:43 am

if you ever come to the okanagan,you canm play in my hottub

you will be sore after we are finished as i can go all night long

and i love to eat pussey

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