Been a while  

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10/17/2005 4:34 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Been a while

Well things have been very quite since my last exploits. My kids teachers are on strike and my parents are in town visiting. So you can imagin that i have barely had time to sneeze. The computer is in the guest room so i have not been able to reply to my emails often. I have however made excellent use of my toys and have had some really awesome wet dreams.

My dreams have been so vivid that i can smell, taste and feel everything. In one dream I am in a room full of people who are chatting and having fun I am naked but don't feel embarrased as i walk through the crowd i reach out and grope every man i can see. When i remove my hands from each man they are naked. I get to one end of the room, turn around and find that everyone is naked and i have this immense urge to suck each cock in the room. There are so many, different sizes, colours, shapes some hard some not but all mouth watering. The next thing i know is that i have all these hands groping me and i have several cocks in my mouth and every other hole i can fit them in. I am floating around the room being carried from one group to the other it seems like i am covered in cum and swallowing all i can. I feel so very horny but as i see myself being used by all these people i also feel like i am not being satisfied and have a feeling like i am missing out and wanting to join in...pretty wierd sensation.

I recognise many faces from work, my neighborhood, friends and some who look familiar but i can't place them. I know i must have been having an awesome time, because in the morning all my bed sheets were twisted and hanging off the bed.

These past weeks, combined with my re awakening have me filled with sexual frustration that I will need one hell of a release when i get the time.

I have been conversing with some couples that have caught my eye so I'm sure there will be no lack of takers.

rm_oliver99932 48M

10/20/2005 4:50 pm

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