Monday Monday . . .  

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8/22/2005 6:50 pm

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Monday Monday . . .

Another Monday, another double session work out day.

Started off the morning by meeting with my trainer and doing a 2 mile run / jog - every third lap we picked up the pace and then did two cool down laps to recover. When I first started working out in April, I could barely jog a mile as my aerobic exercise; now I'm doing double that and am not nearly as tired at the end.

I had to laugh as we jogged this morning. My trainer's sweat pants kept sliding down and she was continually pulling them up. I guess that's what happens when you have no hips - lol.

After the run, headed into the gym for weights. Bumped my weight up on the bench press 10 pounds which was cool. Everything else was fairly routine, working the major muscle groups in the arms and legs.

After putting in my time at work, got home to do my afternoon bike ride. My butt still hurts from sitting on that little seat. Also, I shaved myself down there as my damn pubic hairs would get pinched and pull and I don't need the added discomfort - lol. Unfortunately, now I have to continually shave to avoid the inevitable itching. What's funny and not at the same time, is my wife hasn't even noticed the difference, though she's touched it since I shaved. Sigh. . .

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