Getting back into the grove  

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11/1/2005 6:16 pm

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Getting back into the grove

After essentially taking a three week break from my work out routine, I started up again last week, and have move back into a full schedule this week. First, I reshaped my weekly sequence. I now do biking / running on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and swimming / weights on Tuesday and Thursday. Leading up to my spring triathlon, I was only doing biking a couple times a week. Well, it definitely showed, so I'm now doing it three times a week. Also, I now have a focus for each week's effort. This week, my trainer has me working on endurance - a 15 mile bike ride (stationary bike) followed by 2 miles, 3 miles, and 4 miles running throughout the week. Swimming on Tuesday was 800 meters, on Thursday, 900 meters. For the other weeks, I have an interval week to build up my speed and a technique week, to improve my form. However, as I'm going out of town on business the next two weeks (D.C. and Dayton), it's slightly modified for November.

Separately, I bought more tri-gear on Sunday. First, I bought my first pair of "real" running shoes. Up until now, I've been using the Reeboks I bought at the outlet store in town. I also got some elastic laces for my shoes so I just slip them on and off like a slipper. I also bought a long sleeve technical shirt as it is getting a bit nippy in the morning. Finally, I bought a pair of bike shorts cause my butt definitely gets sore after riding for an hour. Only thing I wasn't able to get was a fuel belt to lug my water / Gatorade around in, so I'll be going back soon to get that.

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