The Collective Consciousness  

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5/17/2005 7:16 pm

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The Collective Consciousness

MnFun952 ’s post asking about clones being separate entities that work independently or a collective that experience what the others experience got me to thinking. What if you could clone yourself about 6 times send your little worker clones out and have them all get laid and sit in your easy chair and experience what they are experiencing simultaneously?

Imagine…having sex with [blog sexyfitwoman], fuknluvhavinfun2, GoddessOfTheDawn, Starvingnow, [blog mzhunyhole], and I can’t forget [blog txrose4uNTX], (she reads my blog more than anyone and yes, I love her pics, she’s a hottie!) all at once.

What 6 would you imagine having sex with all at once? Ladies do not be shy!


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