Slow Dance Toward a Passionate FUCK !!  

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6/9/2005 7:05 am

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Slow Dance Toward a Passionate FUCK !!

Finally, I had received an offer that was going to change everything. This new job was going to afford me the time to get out and about, run the roads a bit more, time to myself in the evenings and time to see her more than I had been able to before. The money would be better too. Maybe, I can get the ski boat that I want next summer after all. Perhaps a year or so later I can afford a trailer on the lake. This would give us a place to play during the week.

When I gave her the news, she was ecstatic… mmmm… more time to play, a nice new toy to play with, and a place for us to escape to be together! I sat there on the cheap sofa in the motel room and drank in her enthusiasm. What a wonderful woman. She actually wants to spend time with me. She actually likes doing the things that I like to do. It was a good feeling, something that I had missed all these years. It was after all a near perfect relationship. No real strings but an unspoken commitment that seemed to be getting stronger rather than more flimsy. I just want to be with her when it’s good for us both. To be able to meet one another’s need for companionship and lusty hot sex. The sex? Well, it is great! Actually, the best I have ever had but it is more than that to me. I enjoy her company.

She filled a glass with ice, picked up the bottle of gin, and poured three fingers. Now she is smiling and walking my way with the drink. She takes a sip and puts it in my hand, just like she always does. Never giving me anything to eat or drink without first testing to see if it meets her approval. Then she straddles my knees and sits down on my lap facing me. Running her hands up my arms and across my back she leans in for a kiss. I give her a little peck on the lips and gaze happily into her eyes. Those eyes that are always changing color…one day green…another day brown. Today, they are great mirrors that reflect the soul of a happy woman. I am filled with a satisfaction that is hard to describe; something akin to those first few moments following a heated session of sex but, not quite the same.

She leans in again. This time I give her the long kiss she wanted the first time. Her soft lips seem to be made for mine. I open my mouth further and she follows like an expert dance partner. Pulling back, I reach around and kiss her soft neck, nibble, and suck on her ear lobe. She leans her head to the right to allow me better access. She loves it and so do I. Anything to display my affection for her. Her short strawberry blonde hair tickles my nose as I nibble up the back of her ear and back down to her neck, sucking harder in that spot just below her lobe that drives her wild. Moving back to face her, that smile is still there and her eyes are begging me to keep going.

Never wanting to disappoint, I lean in and she opens her mouth to meet mine. Ahhh, I love this, could go on like this forever. Our lips touching and pressing together feels so wonderful. Our tongue’s moving, probing, and searching, foreshadowing of what is to come later. But we savor the moments as if there would be nothing else. Kissing, kissing, it never seems to loose its appeal. We love it and continue for a very long time, not concerned or aware of anything else. Time stops, awareness of surroundings fade, and nothing stands between us. It is a complete surrender to the other that transcends time, space, and thought.

I move my hands across her outer thighs, up her waste, and across her back, lightly scratching, fingers on end. My short nails tickling as they move. Her passion rises and she pulls me closer, presses her lips to mine harder, and slides her pussy closer until it is atop my cock. Her back aches and her breathing is heavy. I am suddenly aware of my erection as she presses against it with her pussy. My hands are instinctively and suddenly massaging her large and shapely tits. Even through her clothing, I can feel her nipples grow as they respond to my touch. Never once do our lips retreat from searching the others. Touching and massaging that spot on her neck that I had been kissing before, I feel her passion move toward near panic and I know that she will soon desire to feel my skin against hers.

It will happen soon enough so I continue to touch all the buttons that light her up and summon the passion that only familiar lovers can find in their slow dance toward a passionate FUCK.

To Be Continued…


JuicyBBW1000 54F

6/9/2005 2:12 pm

<wink> damn Joe you left me on the edge of my chair and wet again how do you do that???

Crimson959 57F

6/9/2005 5:16 pm

Can't wait to read the conclusion.....or is there one????....hope not for you...enjoy.

SweetSouthrnGrl 44F

6/14/2005 8:28 am

fantastic writing again!!! my sexual appetite was already peaked to overflowing today and then i read the i really need someone to do exactly what you are describing.

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