Shopping for Sex; Part 2  

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6/3/2005 10:57 am

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Shopping for Sex; Part 2

Immediately you turn and walk toward the dressing rooms. All the sales clerks are still busy with other customers. As you reach the entrance you turn and look around, then at me, crooking your index finger motioning me over. Now I am on alert. The last thing that I need is a hassle for being in the dressing room. As I approach, you are still surveying the store and you grab my hand and pull me in behind you. Inside there are two benches facing opposite walls with a large full length mirror. There is a solid door with a lock. You close the door but do not lock it. I am thinking “Jeez, let’s lock that door” but I just sit on one bench and look at you longingly. I want to see what you will do, I am sooo very excited. I can feel my hard-on growing already. Without a word you begin to undress, slowly unbuttoning your blouse to reveal the cutest little push up bra. Without removing, your blouse you unfasten and unzip you pants, sliding them down your well formed hips very slowly. Your skin is smooth and tight, lightly tanned, and suddenly I want to reach out for you, pull you close, rip your clothes away, and ravish you, fuck you hard and fast right here.

Perhaps you sense this or perhaps I actually start to reach out. Quietly, you tell me to stay there and watch. I am a stone statue with huge bulging eyes, watching, waiting with anticipation. You step out of your slacks and pull off your blouse. Then giving me just what I want you stand there and allow me to gaze at your nearly naked form. I am so excited. My cock is hard as a rock, fighting to get out, hungering for your touch, your mouth, your pussy. Then you slide your hand inside your bra and fondle your right breast, circling and then pulling the bra back to reveal your erect nipple. You continue to play with the nipple, squeezing, stroking, and pulling on it. It grows even harder and with your other hand you reach around and release the clasp in the back. The bra falls down, revealing both breasts, shoulder straps to your elbows and now you have both your breasts in your hands, massaging, rolling your nipples between your fingers. As you allow the bra to fall to the floor, one hand moves down slowly across your belly and enters the elastic band of your panties. I look and there is a small wet spot already on them. You play with your pussy underneath your panties as I watch mesmerized by your display.

Suddenly, my thoughts are interrupted by voices outside the door and I am on alert again. I turn my gaze toward the door and think again about the lock. I look back to you in time to see your panties fall below your knees and across your calves as you quickly step out of them. The voices fade on down the hall and I am once again engrossed by your erotic display. You slide your finger in deeply drawing it out so wet and begin slowly rubbing it across your clit, head back, leaning against the wall. I am watching your hands and fingers do their magic dance as your pussy lips spread open and your clit protrudes to meet your fingers. Gawd, it is so HOT! You continue your quest until I can tell you are about to cum, your legs must have grown weak as you suddenly sit on the other bench extending your legs and rubbing furiously. Suddenly your other hand is over your mouth to muffle the moans, your back arches, your face goes flush and your eyes are closed tight.

To be continued…..

SweetSouthrnGrl 44F

6/3/2005 12:39 pm

Thank you for that inspiration!!! Wonderful writing.

CuteAZguy27 39M
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6/3/2005 2:40 pm

I first noticed part 2 of the story, so i thought-i wonder what this is about, so i started reading part be continued, wow great story, glad im able to read part 2 !...finished part be continued...great story loved both part 1 and 2...the angle of how you writing is excellent, dont loose the pace that your at !


JuicyBBW1000 54F

6/3/2005 3:22 pm

Damn Joe don't keep us in suspence.

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