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I do not know why I was going to buy her lingerie. I suppose it was because I still loved her. I wanted the feelings to return but I knew they wouldn’t. She just doesn’t care for sex anymore. Still, I had to try to let her know that she was special, beautiful, and desirable. So, out of the blue, I was going to buy her some really sexy lingerie. Perhaps she would put it on and see my head turn, eye’s light up, and linger on her wearing it. Perhaps she would get the message that I miss her body and the fun we once had in each others arms.

As I pulled into the parking lot at the Mall my mood was gray. Waste of time and money, ah, just do it, at least you can say that you tried. I locked the car and headed inside. I loosened my tie as I was walking to the door, sleeves of my pin-point oxford shirt rolled up above my wrists. I pulled my sunglasses off as the door swung open and placed them atop my head. Huh, another long day and another present to measure the beat of my mundane life. If only something exciting would happen. If only she would cuddle with me on the sofa and watch a sexy movie like Pretty Woman this evening. Fleeting thoughts, wishful thinking, or stupidity, I know not which.

The lingerie store was on the upper level so I took the escalator. I always love the Mall, the Ladies dressed to the nines, shopping, walking…swinging their hips. Yeah, that will cheer me up a bit. I love to watch a woman move. They are made so exquisitely, pure beauty in motion. Swaying, looking straight ahead, and chatting softly to their companions. As I pass by them I can smell their perfume and the electricity fires long arcs of blue flame through my brain. It tickles my senses in that lustful manner.

I saw her coming down the other escalator as I was going up. Wow, she is beautiful! Tight black pants with bell bottom legs meeting the tops of spaghetti strap sandals, mid-high heels, and bright red painted toe nails. Her hair was a little past her shoulders. Straight, and so clean that it just glistened as the light caught the highlights. Eye’s to die for, electric, penetrating, eyes. Her blouse was a bright blue silk and her scarf was a bright bouquet of color.

Just at that point where the escalators meet in the middle and at the same level our eyes met. I smiled and she just stared, as if she were surveying my eyes for some deeper meaning. As we passed, I saw out of the corner of my eye just a little smile and then it was too late. I hesitated, don’t look at her ass! To bad, all this self talk about doing the right thing never works with me. I turned and saw that she had also turned. Yeah, she was smiling and looking right at me. It was enough to make me blush. But not enough to keep my eyes from drifting down to that fine ass. Oh my, it was indeed a fine ass! Nice and round, just enough to grip. Then I hit the top and stepped off. I quickly rounded the corner to look down and she was gone. Oh well, it was fun just getting that look. I am on a mission to buy lingerie so I head off to the store located about half way down the left side.

As I walk through the door, I see that there are a few women here looking around. Even though I am a lustful man that loves to see women in low cut lace it always makes me feel uncomfortable when I walk in this store. I do not know if it is because I feel like some predator stalking my prey or just because I am a man entering a woman’s world. I have done it so many times but I always get that nervous feeling when I walk in. The sales personnel are all busy so, I just start browsing at a long rack with bras and panties hanging right at eye level. Again, my mind goes into to that lustful mode where it seems to stay most of the time these days. I am imagining these garments wrapped around the woman on the escalator. Ah, stop this! What a desperate thing to say to oneself, especially when you know it is not going to change a thing. Fact is I love to think about women in various stages of undress or totally nude altogether.

I wonder if one of those sales ladies could help me with my selection. It’s always so much more fun, probably the only fun that I will have with this present. I am such a devious soul. I pick up a bright yellow set with hot pink and lace highlights and hold it up in front of my face to make a closer inspection. Suddenly there is a black set in front of it with a dainty little hand and voice to my right that says “Oh, I like this one much better, don’t you?” I turn and cannot believe my eyes. It is you, the goddess from the escalator, staring right at me holding up the black lace bra and panty ensemble smiling with questioning eyes.

My mouth drops open and I try to speak. The words will not come right away but you just stand there burning that question into my brain with those electric eyes! “Well, yes, I suppose that I do like it better as a matter of fact.” I finally, am able to reply.

“They are a much more seductive color” you say. Adding quickly, “I think that any woman would love to receive these as a gift.” Now, I am getting a little excited and deciding that I really want to see how this is going to play out so, I put on my most thoughtful and contemplative look and say, “Well, I am not real sure. It might be better if I could see them on you!” My heart is thumping in my chest and the excitement is so exquisite. Our eyes are locked as you hesitate for just a second and then suddenly, you reply, “Sure, it would be a pleasure”, while flashing a seductive smile.

To be continued…


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6/3/2005 3:10 pm

For a guy Joe your a great writer had me on edge off to read part 2 now.

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