My sexual adventures after divorce - Part 3  

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My sexual adventures after divorce - Part 3

My sexual adventures after divorce - Part 3

Later that evening Kim and I met her friend tiffany at a local club. tiffany was very cute and dressed rather conservative in jeans and a tight sweater that accented her nice breasts. We had a few drinks, talked a bit, then Kim and I began to dance. She was a wild one, all non stop action. She was still wearing the revealing outfit that was quickly removed when she arrived at my house. We were dancing a grinding and making out attracting all kinds of attention. As I was grabbing her ass and pulling her close to me grinding my now hard cock against her she reached down and slid a finger into her pussy and then brought her finger up to my lips.
“How does it taste?” she asked.
“Fucking amazing!” I said.
“Slide your fingers into me as we grind” she commanded.
I did as I was told, I was a bit nervous about doing it since I have never been one for PDA, but hell she was hot and I could not resist.
As I began to finger her she started to moan and grind. The dance floor was so crowded that I do not think that anyone realized what was happening. I then felt a hand slide into my pants and grab my cock. I thought it was Kim but I soon realized that in all the commotion her friend tiffany had come from behind and it was her hand in my pants. Wow I could not believe what was happening. I had discussed all my fantasies with Kim and she knew how bad I wanted a threesome. tiffany let go and got between Kim and I. She then placed her hand where mine had been on Kim’s pussy and took over the fingering and kissing. I was holding tiffany from behind and grinding into her when she tilted her head back and started to kiss me. She then whispered into my ear “Let’s get out of here we want to fuck you.” With that I dropped everything, grabbed both of their hands and, headed for the door!

We arrived back at my house and I suggested that we hop in the Jacuzzi. We all started to take off each other’s clothes. It was all so crazy. I am not sure who was doing what and who was kissing whom. At one point we were all three naked and kissing. Our tongues were searching and finding. It was all so erotic… “To the Jacuzzi I demanded and took them both by the hand and led them to the hot water. We got in and continued the make out session. It was getting really hot. They began to play a bit more with each other then with me so I sat back and watched the show. They were licking and fondling and kissing. Tiff then got Kim on her back floating while she ate her pussy. That was it for me I wanted some if that too so I moved into position and started to lick with Tiff. Kim moaned with delight. I wanted to taste Tiff too so I rolled her on her back and started to lick her pussy moving back and forth between Kim and Tiff savoring the slightly different taste. After some time they both sat up and encouraged me to sit on the deck. I did and the both began to suck and play with my hard cock. I was in total ecstasy and looked up toward the night sky. As I looked up I noticed that my neighbor was at her corner window watching the whole thing. We made eye contacted and she gave me a gentle smile. There was just enough light for me to see that she was naked and playing with herself. Then tiffany got out of the water and straddled me slipping my cock inside of her. She felt very good, I noticed that she was not as tight as Kim but had a very sensual way of moving her hips, she was very good at fucking on top. While this was happening Kim had laid a towel down on the pool deck and had me lay back while she mounted my face while facing tiffany. Once again I was deeply licking that sweet awesome pussy. Kim knew this was one of my fantasies and must have arranged it for me. They both began to grind with the same motion, one on my face, the other on my cock, while all of moaning and groaning became louder and louder. Then they stopped and switched places. Now I was fucking Kim while tiffany sat on my face. They switched places several times until we were all near climax. I wanted to cum but was not sure which one I wanted to cum into. Kim decided for me by telling me to cum in tiffany so she could eat it out of her. I found that so hot that right then and there I could feel an upwelling inside of me and I began to fuck Tiff as hard as I could while feeling my cock pulsate inside of her. After I was finished tiffany rolled on her back and started to 69 with Kim. It was so hot to watch and my MILF neighbor I could see was enjoying the action too. After they came we all went into the house and rested. Later we fucked some more. I lost track of the time and how many times I fucked both of them. It was one hot night! They both left early in the morning. Within an hour of them leaving there was a knock at the door. It was my neighbor!

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Wow that was hot!

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