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7/25/2005 11:01 pm

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In the Monosexual Mode the so-called Masturbation or 'self-abuse' by the human male refers to the attempt to reverse the normal PATH of the sexual orgasm so that the sense organs create and transmit a message to the brain which in turn effectively BY-PASSES the MIND PER SE' to release the sperm. A dog can lick his ercet penis for any length of time without ejaculating.

In the Monsosexual Mode the so-called Masturbation or 'self-abuse' by the human female is an entirely different matter in my opinion (not having the organs to obtain a subjective knowledge.)

Fortunately, I am very lucky as an adventurous gal has offered to help me explore these matters and I hope to be able to post further comments later as the gal is in the USA at the moment and we are hoping to meet soon either in India or the USA.

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