hungry and aching  

autumndesire 49F
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4/19/2005 7:02 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

hungry and aching

I'm sitting here, with an unfulfilled aching, my nipples are hard and all I can think of is the fantasies that I shared last night w/my fiance. He is in England; a brit through and through; we are waiting for him to come home for good. We shared a recent fantasy of my having an erotic lovefest; how we both want that. I am frustrated at living in a small minded town; limited hours and not knowing where to meet others to live these fantasies. Life has been hard; but now my son is grown; my man is supportive and encouraging and the tigeress within me wants to fuck, fuck, fuck! So much wasted time, much to learn and oooooh how I aspire to be a sexual goddess!!!! My Gemini nature swings me from being submissive to being dominate. I yearn to be taken, suddenly (not violently!!!!!) by a stranger/strangers. When that sensual kitty is released in me; time and reason are gone; my soul flys and my body responds, I yearn to be fucked and to suck and enjoy the rest of my life. I get as turned on by imagining my man having a fuckfest; it deepens my hunger. I imagine his hard cock; his mouth devouring juicy pussys, teasing nipples and omg....imagine his breathing/panting, the way his ass moves as he thrusts his hips, losing himself into pleasure. And thoughts of us sharing these things as we experience them until we are physically together, combining fantasies into reality. I have to pleasure myself now, my spirit wants to fly!!!!!!!!!!!!

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4/19/2005 8:40 am

do you need filling?

DBolt69 46M
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4/19/2005 9:45 am

That is really hot, Autumn.
I imagine seeing you in a bar, having drinks. Our eyes meet, and we smile. You head to the restroom, and I follow you back. You turn, our eyes meet, and we kiss savagely. You pull me into the women's room. We rush back to a stall and you pull my stiff cock out and engulf it with your hot mouth. I run my hands through your hair and pull you up for another kiss as I pull your panties down from under your skirt. I turn you around and plunge my cock into your steaming pussy. We fuck like animals until I am ready to cum. I pull out while you turn around. I then send jets of hot cum into your waiting mouth. We kiss and without saying a word, I leave.

rm_JamesJoyce10 68M
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4/19/2005 10:27 am

Autumn desire...Very romantic name my dear! Pour yourself a glass of wine and take a stroll outside, commune with nature, check out the full moon and remind yourself that you are a sensual passionate woman who needs to be fullfilled. Share your stroll here on a blog. I'd love to stroll the beach with you under a full moon and help you fullfill your enormous desires. Talk to me and join my friends network...Send pics!


rm_caleb9112 57M
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4/25/2005 11:58 am

oh yes I can see you laying in a shear night gown with black panties and see though bra. Your nipples aching to be licked and sucked your pussy sooo wet that I can see the wettness throught the panties. I walk over and bend dowm and take you and lightly touch your nipples and gently rub your clit. Feeling the moisture between your legs and lay you down slid your panties off and lick your clit and make your pussy wetter

thissucks1968 49M

4/28/2005 3:57 pm

tiffin here...good looking....clean...very discreet...have pic to trade...lets AdultFriendFinder beer and

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