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audrey125 31F
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9/18/2005 8:45 pm

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10/9/2006 9:53 pm

fun game

I had a few steamy encounter,Once i was in a disco and get real hight on drinks and i was being carry to a hotel room,i can't remenber what happen but when i awake the next day my face and body was full of dry seman around,i get up to wash myself and then i found that my panty was missing,guess one guy keep it as a souvenir.And i have go home without my panty.Just want to know why guy like to cum on girl face or into our mouth

mr_simply_me 45M
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9/19/2005 10:41 am


I have yet to cum on a girl face or mouth...

My guess...give you free facial lor LOL

Just be careful next time... Don't drink too much and I think you will enjoy more.

Anyways. I think cum in mouth or face is more of a winner trophy than anything else...

What do you think? You like cum on your face and mouth?

rm_HappyHead88 40

9/19/2005 9:27 pm

I guess it's more of a pride thing. Like marking a territory. That he had been there. That also explains why he make off with your panty as well.

There's also talk that it's full of protein and it's good for the skin

Personally, I'm fine with both as long as the lady enjoy it. So which do you prefer? mouth, face, body, etc???

btw, nice to hear that u pee while having doggy... must be pretty erotic..

NomoiCadreCheek 41M

9/20/2005 4:53 pm

I agree with both to an extent. I am up for where ever she wants the cum. Sometimes if it a hot and heavy session i cum over her face and tits too.

As for the panties, don't care either way, i think it makes it even sexier if the female is not wearing any under her skirt! But i don't take without asking! And with the driniking you don't have to kill everything in one shot! there is pleanty of beer the bars are not going to run out anytime soon! Sure miss those kinda of parties. Sure miss S'pore especially the beautiful ladies!

rm_studhead 41M
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9/20/2005 8:39 pm

as the words says melts in your mouth, not in your

rm_freeze129 49M
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9/22/2005 6:22 am

Well, come in the face or mouth doesn't matters, with it matters is that it will be more fullfilling into the action rather than sleeping through it.

having it warm it's better than having it cold, right ?

flamehawk1980 36M
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9/22/2005 6:55 pm

guess cum in the face or mouth is the fantasy of most males.just likes u females have your own for the panty,mayb he is the comic hero who wear panty over the face n go save ppl. i oni happen to c girl who r drunk vomit n went hm sleep,u must be very daring.n improve yr drinking so that next time is u carry a guy to a room n becum another comic hero.

zackk5 41M
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10/13/2005 12:23 am

WELL ,wat i can say dat is a guy thing for them to cum on de face or mouth as it make them feel gd.but im just wondering do u really love sex,as if u do email me as i do love it so much.thks

rm_zen269 45M
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6/30/2006 2:28 am

For me, I guess it's just their fantasy to do so or just to satisfy their ego, it's up to individual actually.

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