32 Views of my last post. I feel famous. Doh!  

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5/13/2006 6:14 pm

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32 Views of my last post. I feel famous. Doh!

I was shocked to learn that people had actually looked at my blog. Shocked I say. Shocked. I was guessing 2, maybe 3, tops. I actually had 3 comments (1 was from me, and, ironically, it was the only negative and I suppose your own comments don't count anyway). I hope the girl that said she called Miller really did. Some friends and I did it all the time in college, and it was a hoot. Back then, when you asked them why Beast was so cheap- after correcting you on the product's name- they would say it was because they didn't advertise. I wonder what they have to say in their defense now that they definitely advertise AND call it "Beast" in said ads. To quote Bart Simpson: The ironing is delicious.

I know nobody is going to read this one. 32 people had to have checked it out solely because it was a first post. Why read this when you can (attempt) to read unintelligible gibberish from 45 year old guys posing as 18 year old women? I can't compete with some fat, virgin, uneducated dirtball hick from Deliveranceville typing away on his mother's computer with his pants around his ankles talking about how he loves to shave his tight, little pussy and give "more than lap dances" in the champagne room. Now that's entertainment!

I hope I didn't offend too much of my core audience. Oh, wait. No I'm not.

Favorite fake names:
Dick Zinner
Haywood Jablowme
Rock Zoffinhermouth
Barry Marootinya

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