OK here we go today  

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9/7/2005 8:26 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

OK here we go today

Good Morning. You know I've met some AWESOME guys here and I wanna say IM GREATFUL. Guys, I wont even hint at who you are, YOU KNOW who you are and your kewl. THANK YOU.

Now for all you other guys...
Guys, If you wanna break outta your Str8 life and explore what men can do for each other THATS AWESOME and Im ALL About helping you out... But you gotta know the rules...

1> Gay and Bi guys ARE NOT SLUTS! Talk to us like MEN not 2bit hustlers and street trash. PLEASE!

2> If you live within 10 minutes of me, YEAH Im Prolly gonna invite you over, if you like live in Waterloo or Geneva or Syracuse - DUDE Have a place to play... I Can't speak for everyone here but I am NOT gonna pay for a hotel room so you can fuck my ass, and walk away. Thats NOT THE GAME. Have a place if your bi/gay buddy is comin out to see you. BE FAIR

3> While blowjobs are great MANY Guys do NOT SUck without rubbers - RESPECT THAT! Me I swallow thats not an issue, but if you wanna fuck me, You're Wearin a rubber. Its nothing personal, but I am NOT Dying for a fuck. Swallowing is pretty much safe says the CDC but baby YOU NEED protection to fuck.

4> Try to be honest. We don't wanna play couple breaking but DONT LIE. If you wanna stay DEEP INSIDE the closet THATS kewl. TRUST that we want discretion as much as You Do.

OK I had my tyrade...
To my friends on here, NONE of that was towards you.. YOU Guys are AWESOME Buds and my door is ALWAYS Open to you.

Thats me today... Im OUT

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