july 10, 2005  

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7/10/2005 8:27 pm

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july 10, 2005

you know, moving back home is a bitch. going from being on my own and in the military, i had to move back home until i could get on my feet and get settled in "a boring, normal life" as my mom would put it. my life, my routine, my way of thinking, etc. has gone out the window and what i do and what i think dont matter in this house. must recently moving to the area, and being shy, i havent gone out and met any new people yet. well i finally decide to go out and meet new people (men and women) and i happen to go meet someone that i met off the net. i am just looking to have a good time and to just hang out with someone, make a new friend. that is all i had in mind at the moment, TO MAKE A NEW FRIEND! and when me and the person decide that it would be a good time for both of us to head home and talk later i get a call from my mom. i had told her that because of my recent burn by my ex that im not looking to get serious with anyone until i got my head on my shoulders and find out what it is that i want. she tells me that while i was out meeting someone she feels i have contradicted myself. from what i told her about not wanting to get serious about someone here i am just 2 days later going on a date with some guy. big fucking deal! i mean come on, there isnt anything wrong with going and meeting someone to hang out with. is there? i dont think there is and here she is telling me i am making a wrong desicion. first she wants me to go meet new people, and so i do. and now she doesnt want me to go out with anyone because she thinks i am trying to date everyone i come into contact with. well which is it? i am so tired of people trying to tell me how to live my life and telling me that every move i make is a wrong one. i just want to go and do the things i want. i understand that there are things that i have to do, everyone has those little things they have to do in life that are important, but there are also things that you can do for fun. all i wanted was to go and meet someone new to hang out with and have a night out (ive been stuck in the house ever since i got out here with the the exception of the 4 times i have gone out for the night with an old friend from school) and i get lectured about it? what the fuck is the problem with me meeting someone. i just wish that i could live my life the way i want to without someone trying to tell me how it should be.

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8/15/2005 11:17 am

we both have been in your shoes.............we feel for ya.........

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