Do some female members get inundated with emails  

attheshoukan 43M
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3/6/2006 4:10 am
Do some female members get inundated with emails

I am currently travelling - In India at the moment. As such, with a little free time, I log on to this website and have a bit of a browse...

I know that the odds of women getting more hits is large - that is part of the course with this website.

However, one thing does amuse me - women with photos that dont show their face, but who ask for a face photo before replying to any email that you may send.

It is more than fine to have a photo without your face. It is also fine to request a photo. However, one particular member said on her autoreply that she hoped that I had sent a face pic with my initial email, otherwise it would be deleted.

Again, it is that member's perogative to stipulate the conditions that she wants. Also, I have just sent the email to her (I admit!), and I am sure that she is a fun person to be with (as the testimonies on her profile say).

My question is, why is it that some members get inundated with emails, and other (like me!) are more than unlikely to receive any emails! Just curious....

Anyway, back to work!

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