what ever happened to...a home cooked meal.  

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10/28/2005 10:19 am

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what ever happened to...a home cooked meal.

The only time I seem to have a home cooked meal is on special occasions/family get togethers, but even then 50% of the time it will be at a restraunt. I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes. I find that when I do cook the food I enjoy it more, it may not taste as good, but I still enjoy it more. Unfortunately I seem to be eating more microwaveable or pre-packeaged meals or simply dining out more frequently.

It started when I was younger and still living at home with my parents. My mom slowly cooked less. I suppose when I went off to college it was only amplified because of the lack of cooking space in the dorms and the always present dinning hall.

As for prepackaged...I do not ever remeber making a cake from scratch. But how hard could it be? Flour, eggs, corn startch, sugar, vanilla, milk, oil and so on. Instead it seems to be easier to simply by it all in a box and add water. Sure wish I could get money that way. Open a box, add water, poof fift thousand dollars.
Now they are pre cooking my chicken for me. Even my beef. You can even get some pre-cooked frozen entres from a few chain restraunts. No need for a kitchen any more just a place with a microwave, and maybe a toaster-oven.

Lets just get rid of the kitchen all together. Who needs to crowd around the stove and try the sauce as it cooks, just open a can and pour it on. Everyone can have what they want, and it can all be different. No more need to force a kid to eat something he does not want, he can simply nuke something else and move on.
Cooking used to be a good way for parents to interact and teach the kids. My parents never pulled me aside to share a secret family recipe. And I think I am worse off for it.

Of course I do not really want to get rid of the kitchen. I love the smells that you can create when you cook, and the messes you can make. Cooking can be a great turn on, a good appology, a pick-me up, a thank you, a way to show your support. No we should not get rid of it. We just have to get back in the kitchen and use it.

atlguy435 36M

10/31/2005 12:50 pm

I love me some tater tots.

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