What ever happened to...  

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7/22/2005 8:08 am

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What ever happened to...

I do not remember when it happened but it did. One moment he was my best friend in the world, now I do not know where he went. I suppose I could always try to find him and see what he has been up to since last we spoke, but it has been many years. Besides some people may think it odd if I began to speak with him again.
Oh we did have some wonderful times together. The adventures we had. The secrets we shared.
I certainly hope he moved on just as easily as I did.
You may be asking yourself just who exactly I am writing about. Why, my imaginary friend of course.

I conjoured him out of thin air one day when I was much younger. I do not know when he first appeared, but he did. I suppose it must have started in a dream and just carried over from there. Since we have parted ways I have grown and matured, gotten me some education. He has probably stayed exactly the same. I suppose one day we will meet again. If family history is any indication probably around the age of 90.

Of course he was not the last friend that I ever lost touch with. I have lost contact with many real friends as well.
In my early days it was mostly do to people moving or new schools being built. It is awfully hard for a 6 year old to stay in contact with someone. Since then it was friends from high school. I never really did seem to fit in anyways. I had heard briefly from them, and some seemed to be on track to stay in touch with each other. Just not me. I do not feel bad about it, like I said I never seemed to fit in anyways. I have always distanced my self from people.
After that came college friends. Most lost contact immediately. One I still keep in touch with regularly. Beyond that just people I have meet through work, although I would not really consider them friends.

Do you remember your imaginary friend? Do you know when you lost touch with him/her/it? I can picture him, but cannot remember his name.
What about other friends from your various stages of life? How long before you lost contact? Can you recognize the friends that you will stay in contact with even after you moved away(physically put distance between yourselves)?
Why did you lose contact? Did you drop the ball or did they?

atlguy435 36M

10/31/2005 12:28 pm

Usually it was my fault. It would take awhile for me to send a letter, then when I finally got around to it, i never heard back.

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