Labor Day Lay...  

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9/1/2005 6:33 am

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Labor Day Lay...

The coming weekend is an extended weekend for just about everyone in the US. Labor Day, the first monday of September.
Gives me a nice three day weekend. Of course I have a hard time filling up a regular two day weekend. Fortunately that third will be filled with bbq, home cooked family recipe ribs. The downside is I have to spend the time with family. Some of whom I am not particularly fond of.

On the upside I have a friend, yes a female friend, that will be coming as well. Should keep things arousing well into the evening. We have hooked up in the past, so there is a chance that we will again. So hopefully we will have our fill of back yard grilling, take our leave and continue our celebrations else where in private.
That will hopefully cap the weekend nicely.

Saturday there are some plans to head to the lake and rent a boat. Although with weather and the absurd gas crisis it may not happen. If it is going to cost $6 a gallon for gas I would rather put it in my own vehicle.
Standard weekend cleaning to do as well, laundry cleaning out the fridge. Learned a lesson long ago about leaving rice in the fridge to long. When it is a deeper shade of green the the forest green crayon that comes in your box of 45 brilliant colored krayola crayons, it is more the time to throw it out.

Not much yard work to be down at this time.

Another plus to the weekend...COLLLEGE FOOTBALL.
A great reason to start off the weekend partying.

Do you have any spectacular plans for the weekend? Meeting for a secret rendezvous?

atlguy435 36M

10/31/2005 12:37 pm

Too many holidays in the last half of the year. We need to spread them out more.

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