Another younger single male...  

atlguy435 36M
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8/31/2005 11:26 am

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Another younger single male...

Ok. I know alot of people are not looking for a single male. And even less are looking for someone under the age of 25.
I have heard all the same responses before. Too young, my kids age, and so on.
I have also read the plethora of questions on the magazine regarding the dreaded single male and the outcast younger single male. I understand that woman, particularly older woman, are pickier and like some intelligence in their men. I understand that they have some problems with the age thing because they have children close to my age. I understand they want respect.

I make an attempt to write complete sentances, respect their wishes, use correct grammer and spelling. Did you catch that? grammar is spelled with two a's, there is no e.

Personally I am attracted to woman of all ages. I love giving and recieving pleasure. Age does not really have much to do with it. There is a numerical age, mental age, and physical age. They can be different or the same, usually different.
Numerically I am 24. Mentally I come off as much older, usually placed around 35. Physically, well it depends on wether or not I have a beard,goatee or smooth face at the time. Usually smooth and usually asked to prove that I am as old I as I say I am. The looking younger part will certainly help later on in life, but not right now.

Before you go off on me whinning about being a younger single male, let me just say that everyone was younger once, and most people on here are male, so they were once younger single males. It seems like I am a little agitated about this subject, but I'm not. Maybe sexually frustrated.

I have no problem simply admiring all the beautifull women on here. I have an active imagination But it would be nice to occasionally meet/chat with people instead of simply conversing with myself.

Who do I blame for the blight I suffer? Everyone else of course. What sort of younger single male would I be otherwise?

atlguy435 36M

10/31/2005 12:38 pm

I am sick and tired of all those damn horny single males.

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