New fantasies...  

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4/13/2005 9:38 pm

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New fantasies...

As a woman, I've been warned by people like my mother my whole life to watch out for men...sneaking peeks up skirts, watching through the cracks in dressing rooms...looking under tables in restaruants..

I have spent my entire life self-conscious of these awful men who gawk at women like we're objects. These awful, awful men. And I've slowly come to the conclusion that I'm ONE OF THEM! So here it is, I, ATHENA4469, am a bonefide pervert.

And this is where I take the cake...the locker room. My new favorite place. Of course there's stuff you don't want to see there, but inevitably, there's at least one gorgeous young woman confidently walking around completely naked. And it's so hard not to look.

When I do get caught peeking, I wonder what they think...Is she jealous of my body? Does she think I'm fat? Is she checking me out?This new gym experience has spawned a new fantasy. Totally unrealistic in my mind but fun to masturbate to none-the-less. Here goes...

I'm drying my body off after a refreshing workout and whirlpool. It's a slow day at the gym and I'm all alone in the locker room. As I slide my pink panties on, she walks in. Average height, slim, toned muscles, and a pouty plump mouth. Gorgeous. She looks at me briefly and goes to her locker across the way from me.

I watch her disrobe. I watch her slender arms pull her dark hari into a ponytail revealing the soft curve of her neck. I feel myself yearning to touch her glowing sking.

Ever so slightly, she looks at me over her shoulder. She knows I'm watching her. She pulls out some lotion and begins to massage it into her legs. She starts with her toes and rubs in circular motions up her legs, up her thighs, across her stomach, and up to her breasts.
Her breasts are exquisite. Just large enough to fit into a hand. When she rubs the lotion on her breasts, she turns around and looks at me. She slips her nipples inbetween her fingers and parts her lips.

She's looking straight into my eyes. One of her hands heads down inbetween her legs. She whispers to me, "Follow me."

I am completely hers. Like a disciple, I follow her, staring at her supple ass. She moves with a fuidity and grace that I see only in professional dancers.

She take me into the shower area. She closes the curtains and we are in complete privacy.

She touches my face and runs her fingers over my cheeks, down my neck, and she caresses my breasts. She lowers her mouth to mine for a kiss. Her lips are so soft. Her tongue in my mouth is so inviting and gentle.

We embrace in a passionate kiss. My hands want to touch every inch of her.

She sticks her hands between my legs and I return the favor. Simotaneously, we rub our fingers over each other's clits...not too fast...not too slow.

I bend a little and put her nipple in my mouth. Her skin tastes sweet. A little moan escapes from her mouth which generates ripples through my body.

I love the sound of pleasure.

I rub her clit in smooth circular motions. Her legs begin to buckle and I feel her body weaken. She throws her head back and braces her hands on the wall behind her for support.

I lower my lips down the wetness of her body. My mouth brushes by her erect nipples, down her stomach, in between her legs. She widens her stance and I part her lips with my tongue.

I start slowly...licking her clit ever so gently. More moans. be continued...

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4/14/2005 2:42 pm

Thats a great story, Im hard already, cant wait to hear more

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