A fantasy of convenience.  

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5/21/2006 6:32 pm

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A fantasy of convenience.

There is a man who works in a convenience store. We talk a little every time I go in there. He has this beautiful bronze skin, fabulous smile and when he smiles his eyes smile too. I always wished I had the nerve to go up to him and tell him how rich my fantasy life was because of him. To let him know that I imagine his sculpted bronze body against my pale white flesh. I like to think about walking in there one day and hand him a note, walk over to the magazine stand and secretly watch him over the magazine as he reads the note. "I thought about you last night. In my mind we were having the most passionate sex and I creamed in my panties everytime I thought about it." I watched as his expression was one of surprise and then this most wicked smile came across his face. He looked at me with such lust in his eyes it seared through me. My body was on fire. I could feel his excitement and heat across the room. He quickly ran to the door and locked it, grabbed me and took me to the back room. He slammed me against the wall and looked into my eyes as if he felt every ounce of passion in me. That was all it took and his lips found mine as they locked into the most passionate kiss I had ever felt in my life. I trembled as everything I had imagined with this man became a reality. We couldn't get our clothes off fast enough. I felt his hand as it circled my breast and then he cupped it in his hands. He said, "You wanted this." I only gasped in the delight of his touch. "I know you wanted this." His mouth claimed my nipple, surrounding it in a wet heat that magnified a dozen times over the electric energy surging through me. I let out a cry as he pressed his tongue against my breast, drawing it even deeper into his mouth. "Yes, this is what I wanted." Everything swirled around me as he turned me around and threw me over the desk and took me from behind. My body had ached for this so long and to finally have him was even better than I had imagined. I took in his trobbing cock and felt it penetrate with every thrust he made. It had sent such a sensation in me that I nearly passed out. I had never felt anything so hot, so passionate and so thrilling in my life. I couldn't get enough of him as he thrust himself even deeper inside me. We both felt the climax together as our bodies trembled and an electric surge so intense shot through both of us. We both collapsed on the floor. There was a faint knock on the storefront door which shot through us like a lightning bolt and brought us back to the awareness of our surroundings. He shot up in a flash, dressed and ran to the door, apoligizing to his customer, telling him he was working alone and had to use the restroom. As I listened to what was going on in the store, I composed myself and got dressed. When the customer left, I walked out, shot him a sultry smile which was returned by him and left the store.

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7/2/2006 7:06 am

Explore many of your fantasies, but leave a couple left undone as they allow passions to continue.

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