Girl 2 Girl Fun  

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2/17/2005 3:19 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Girl 2 Girl Fun

Can someone make this happen again for me?

I awoke with my body tingling,my heart pounding and sweat tricklin down my chest. I had just experienced the most erotic dream!!! I was still feeling very excited and i knew i had to do something about it. I slipped my hand down under the covers to feel a very wet and warm pussy, so i gently began to massage my clit. It felt so good. As i lay there wishing that i had someone to share this hot pleasure with, i heard a knock at the door. I didn't want to stop but i should see who it is. To my surprise, it was Cindy, a girl I had e-mailed awhile back. She had stoped by to meet me, since her husband was working and she was in the nieghborhood. She could see that i was still in my bedclothes, so i excused myself and invited her in. She said that she didn't mean to disturbe me and i told her not to worry, i was having a sexy dream and i couldn't let it go to waste. Cindy like the sound of that and since i was still very much in need of relief, i offered her to join me. I said "i don't mean to sound pushy or forward but it would be much more fun if i had someone to play with." She didnt mind at all, she followed me quickly to the bedroom. I was exxxtreamly hot and ready, so i made a move on her first. Cindy was all smiles when i came up close for a gentle kiss on her inviting lips. Her hand went straight for my breast. I lifted my nightshirt as her soft fingers gently massged my stiff nipple. Our kiss got deeper as i reached for her blouse pulling it over her head. She said that she was actually hoping for a sexy encounter when she came to see me. We were both getting really hot very fast. I was glad,because my pussy was acheing to be touched by another woman. Our lips were locked in a deep hot kiss,our tongues wrapping around each other,exploring teeth and gums. Her hands worked quickly on my nipples, pinching and caressing as did my hands on her soft breasts. We were on the bed before we knew what was happening, our clothes coming off in a heated rush. We were both wishing that our men were here to see our female sex match.
I gently pushed her on the bed, my lips going for her stiff nipples. My tongue encircled each nipple before slidding down her soft front, all the way to her delisious hairless sex mound. I ran my tongue over and over her pussy lips, tasting her sweet skin until she begged me to eat her hot pussy. I teased her a little longer before i let my tongue slide ever so slowly down her sweet slit probing just enough to find that hot little love bud. I gently squeezed her nipples as i let my tongue find its way just inside her wet hot box. Cindy was moaning so deeply, her body quivering softly as i worked my tongue in and out of her heated sex. She was going to come HARD! I could feel her shaking with excitement. Her pussy was rocking gently but firmly to the rythem of my tongue strokes as her juices flowed into my mouth. It was now my turn to enjoy the feel of a female body next to mine, caressing and kissing and the feel of her tongue inside of my pussy. I laid back as she takes my stiff nipples between her gentle fingers, pinching them softly the way i like. Her tongue slides down the front of my hot body ,gliding down to my wet pussy lips. I am sooo ready for this! I feel her finger slide towards my ass cheek, as i lift my butt just enough so that she can slide a finger inside. I am really hot now! Cindy's tongue working in and out of my box while she gently slides a finger in and out of my ass! I am gonna come quick! As my juices flow down Cindy's tongue, I gently rock my pussy into her mouth, feeling her hot tongue do its magic on me.

rm_doug117 63M/62F
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3/15/2005 10:51 pm

Something this much fun needs to be repeated!

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