who is the one to blame  

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6/4/2006 5:20 pm
who is the one to blame

Todd Huffington left his downtown office after a busy day. The VP of one of the top advertising firms in the city, he was loving life. He couldn’t wait to see his lovely wife and brag off about landing a big contract he’d been trying to finalize for months.

He pulled his BMW into traffic for the usual forty minute drive to his house in the suburbs. Todd was in such a great mood that he didn’t even mind it when he was held up by a stopped vehicle on the interstate.

As he pulled into the two-car garage of his split-level home, he smiled at the prospect of seeing his lovely wife and giving her rounded bottom a squeeze. But instead of a hug when he walked into the house from the garage, he got silence and a long stare.

What’s eating her he wondered as he walked into the living room to check the mail? She followed right behind him. He turned to look at her to ask her what was wrong when she spoke.

“You have exactly two minutes to be naked and on your knees!” She spat with blazing eyes.

“What’s this about?” He said with a frown.

She looked at her watch. “You’re wasting time!” She picked up the long flogger that was draped over the ottoman and he realized she meant business. Off came his suit jacket, then his button down white shirt, then the trousers, shoes, socks and finally his undershirt and boxers. The brown haired six-foot two, two hundred twenty pound thirty-nine year old executive was soon kneeling naked in his living room.

At the office he was one of the big shots but at home, Vicky was the boss. That had been established long ago in their fifteen year marriage.

She walked around her burly husband’s naked body and finally stopped in front of him. “Get your ass over the end of the sofa now!”

He walked over to where she pointed on his knees. Past experience told him not to try to get up and walk over there. When he did reach the end of the couch, he did as she directed. His male bottom was perched on top of the end with his hands touching the seat cushion and his legs dangling over not quite touching the floor. She cuffed his wrists and ankles together. She then picked up a wide wooden paddle and approached his naked butt. She laid it on his upturned alabaster buttocks, letting him get used to the touch.

Then she raised the sturdy implement high in the air and brought it down swiftly, slamming it onto his conveniently placed buttocks with a loud thud. But he took it without so much as a whimper. Todd had developed a high capacity for pain over the years, but this was just a warm-up. Vicky spanked him hard and fast until his bottom was crimson and he still didn’t show any emotion. She’d trained him well over the years.

But she was far from through. She uncuffed his wrists and ankles and ordered him to stand still in front of her and to spread his legs. She obtained a long piece of rope, made a loop and placed it around his balls, pulling the two loose ends taut which caused an immediate constriction around his gonads. She then pulled on the ends and forced him to follow her or else cause immense pain. She led him over to the front door where she tied the ends around the doorknob, which meant he had to stand close to the door. She then cuffed his wrists again in front of him and raised his arms in order to hook the leather cuffs to the o-ring she screwed into the wood earlier. This meant that he was secured to the front door by his wrists and his balls.

She stood back and admired her handiwork. His red ass glowed. She snickered a bit at the sight.

Then she got a bag full of clothespins and one by one began attaching them to the front of his body that was facing the door. One on each nipple had him writhing, but he couldn’t move around too much or else he’d cause immediate intense pain to his balls. She reached for his scrotum and attached four pegs on his sensitive ball sac, which had him cringing. Then down the shaft of his cock she attached five more. She fit four more around the rim of his cock head. Then finally right on the head near his piss hole. The big man was in agony.

Then she went to his trousers and pulled the brown leather belt out of its loops. She held the buckle end and stood behind Todd’s suspended form. Without hesitation she slashed the sturdy implement across his bare back with a loud thwack! He stiffened but otherwise took the blow without a whimper. She reined thwack after thwack all over his ever reddening back, then she lowered her aim. A loud thwack across his ass produced a more animated response since his buttocks had already been tenderized by that brutal spanking. In addition he jerked his lower body so violently that it caused him to pull on the rope attached to his balls, which in turn prompted a loud bellow from his lips. Consequently, he tried to keep his butt still when she slashed his ass with the belt. She sensed that she was getting to him, so she purposely kept up the slashing of his already sore bottom. His hollers were music to her ears. Then she aimed for the untouched backs of his thighs. He tried to keep still, but the intense sting of the belt on his thighs was too much. He thrashed about pulling on his balls. He feared he couldn’t take much more.

Finally she stopped. One by one she removed the clothespins, knowing full well they hurt worse when taken off than put on. She purposely left the ones on his cock head for last. Then she unhooked his wrists and untied his balls.

But she wasn’t done yet. She ordered Todd to lie on the floor face up. She maneuvered his body so that she could tie his wrists to the legs of one of the heavy chairs. Vicky then stripped completely naked and put on a pair of high heels. She stood directly over him, her feet on either side of his supine body.

“Look at my body, slave!” She commanded. “You want my body don’t you slave? You’d like to fuck me, wouldn’t you scumbag?”

Despite the pain she had caused him since he arrived home from work, he still desired her. A meek, “Yes Ma’am,” is all he could muster.

“Get that cock nice and hard for me,” she cooed softly. “I have a special treat for you, little man.”

He was quite sure he knew what was coming, but he could do nothing to prevent the inevitable. His suspicions were confirmed when she stood directly on his chest, looking down at her slave. Her hundred ten pound weight bore down on his manly body and he cringed slightly when she pressed her pointy heal down on one his nipples.

“You’re my fucking doormat, aren’t you slave?” She mocked.

“Yes Mistress.”

Then she turned around giving him a good look at her shapely derriere. She then began walking slowly down his body, digging her heels into his flesh. She stood on his muscular chest, then stepped on his stomach, pushing it in. Soon she stood on his thighs. Then with her right foot, she mashed the shaft of his cock down to the floor between his legs. He groaned aloud. Then she stood with both feet on his shaft. He groaned louder. Then she stepped on the head with the toe of her right foot, mashing it to the floor. His groans grew. Her left foot also did some head mashing. Then she growned her foot, like she was putting out a cigarette. He yelped and squirmed on the floor. Finally, she let up. But she wasn’t quite done.

With her high heeled shoe she shoved his cock up toward his belly, revealing his hairy balls. She placed the ball of her foot directly on his left testicle. Todd begged her not to do it. But his pleas fell on deaf ears as she slowly and steadily increased the pressure. Tears came to his eyes and he screamed for mercy. Mercifully she let up. But there was another ball to go. Once again she pushed down on the highly sensitive orb, which produced the same pleadings.

By the time she had taken her heel off of his balls, his agony was like nothing he’d ever experienced. He laid there in total misery when she released his wrists.

Then she looked down at him with hands on her hips. “The next time I send you to the store with a list, you buy what’s on the list and nothing else! Is that clear?!”

“Yes Ma’am,” he whimpered.

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