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6/5/2006 5:02 pm
sendiri saja

This is the woman I wrote my "The Ranch" story about. Just like "The Flight" I believe at one time one could buy these stories a chapter at a time from Nothing was off limits for Mistress Ann. She is the most credible and severe 24/7 dominatrix I have ever met. While visiting her ranch in the Midwest and later at her house in California I saw and experienced untold activities including brown showers, piercing, beatings, bestiality and much more. She was often joined by her daughter and her mother, and always had at least one live in slave. Sessions often lasted a few days and involved many people. I was always bound and put into various forms of suspension. I was also blindfolded most of the time as where her other slaves. She had a few female slaves but most were male. It was not uncommon to enter her home and see (before being blindfolded) numerous slaves tied to each other, servicing each other, servicing a Mistress or Master, being whipped, nailed to planks, etc, When spending the night I was always tied with my head between her or another slaves or Mistresses legs.

Name: Adrena
Contact: Ad
Personal: Very tall and stately

Mistress Adrena ran a phone sex service but also housed a few slaves including her husband Ken and sister Sue. She would see me under only two conditions. 1) During the day she always wanted her phone girls to be serviced while they talked on the phone. There would normally be two or three girls working at a time. I sometimes would spend half a day doing this which was very exhausting. Sometimes there were two of us serving the girls which eased the load. Sometimes the phone girls would have us service each other while they explained what they were seeing to their customers.

2) Queen Adrena (as she liked to be called) also liked having a slave sleep with her as often as possible. She did not like to get up at night to pee. Instead she fitted herself with a catheter. She would have me sleep at the end of her bed and when she had to pee, she would wake me up and put the other end of the catheter in my mouth. She often peed two or three times during the night which of course made me get up and pee (she did not make me drink my own pee however).

Queen Adrena also belonged to a swinging group that met every few months at a local motel. The group would take over the entire hotel and only couples and single women were admitted. I went twice. Once as Adrena's date and another time as a date of one of the phone girls. There was no S&M at the Motel, but just about very other activity both in the open and behind closed doors.

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