over the highways where the traffic was the only sound  

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6/4/2006 5:15 pm
over the highways where the traffic was the only sound

It was an autumn Saturday morning. There was a slight chill in the air and the four men were eager to get going. They had congregated at their hunting cabin and were sipping on cups of steamy coffee they had bought on their way here.

They’ve been coming here for years. During the week they each had different jobs or careers, but the one thing these gentlemen had in common was the love of hunting. They discovered this abandoned building years ago and fixed it up so it was a place they could relax and just be themselves with no outside interference.

They were sitting around this old wooden table cracking jokes and making merry conversation when one of them looked toward one of the outside windows. “What the hell!” He blurted as he jumped up from his wooden seat. The tall blonde haired man walked to the front door, slung it open and headed out.

About a minute later he returned, holding a short dark haired young lady by the hair. She looked to be in her early twenties and she yelped from the shooting pain in her scalp. “Let me go!” She hollered.

“What’ve ya got there Bill?” one of the other hunters inquired with raised eyebrows.

“Saw this skank lookin’ in the window!” Bill answered.

“Peeping in our window?” Another one said with a guffaw.

“Well I’ve heard of peeping toms...but now we’ve got...a peeping pussy!” Another one interjected with a wry grin.

They all shared an uproarious laugh.

Bill forced the wild‒eyed young woman inside and ordered her on her knees. “No!” She protested as she tried to swing a round house slap toward him. Quickly, the man caught her wrist.

“Someone needs to teach you some manners little lady!” He uttered succinctly.

“I think so too!” another one spoke up.

“I think she needs a spankin’,” another one suggested.

Bill looked at her and she knew what he was thinking. “No!” She protested further and tried to bolt for the door. Two others quickly blocked her path.

“Where do ya think yer goin’?” A short barrel chested man with a scraggly beard asked rhetorically as he also grabbed her by her brown locks and forced her to her knees. The four men surrounded the now kneeling woman who was dressed in a light blue pull over sweat shirt and jeans. They blocked any escape route that was on her mind.

“Now as I said,” Bill reminded her. “You need a spankin’!”

“And you’re gonna get one,” a tall dark haired man, who they called Robbie, commented.

“Please don’t hurt me...I didn’t mean any harm!” she pleaded.

“Peeping in windows is a sneaky, lowlife thing to do!” Tom added.

“Yeah, you fucking cunt! Were you hoping to see something?” Charlie, the barrel chested one added.

“She was probably hoping to see a dick!” Bill snarled.

That’s when Bill fetched one of the wooden chairs around the table and brought it out to the center the room where their nervous captive knelt. He sat, reached out with a meaty fist and once again grabbed her by her long hair. “Ow!” She cried out as he dragged her across the floor and forced her to lie across his lap.

“Get her jeans down!” Charlie encouraged as he helped Bill strip her. “No!” She hollered as she felt the denim material being yanked down over her hips. She tried to kick her legs but her red thong panties came into view, which drew some whistles from the men. The jeans were then yanked off her legs and thrown in the corner. They all admired the sight of their little captive in her sexy panties, but this spanking was going to be given on the bare. Tom did the honors of ripping them off, leaving her completely bare from the waste down.

Her bitter complaints all went for naught as Bill clamped her legs down. His big hand nearly covered both of her cheeks as he laid it across her soft flesh.

“Damn this is getting me hard!” Charlie announced.

“We might have to forget about hunting deer today. We’ve got our own catch of the day right here,” Tom said with a wicked smile.

Then Bill raised his arm. She tensed her buttocks. Down came his large hand with a loud smack right in the middle of her raised bottom. She howled for him to let her up, but he continued. Up, down, left cheek, right cheek he spanked her until his own hand had turned crimson. He didn’t keep count but she was wailing like a banshee.

Then he stopped. She relaxed thinking her spanking was over and they would just let her go. Yet, that wasn’t the case. She was ordered once again to her knees. Bill rose from the chair, but Tom sat down and looked down at her. He as well grabbed her by the hair and forced her over his lap.

“Bad Pussy!...” He lectured her. Then he resumed her spanking. She hollered and blubbered for him to stop, but like Bill he only stopped when his own hand turned beet red.

Then it was Charlie who took over. She squirmed and shrieked as he brought his meaty hand down repeatedly. She had completely lost count of how many spanks she’d received so far, but her butt cheeks felt like they were on fire.

Then it was Robbie’s turn. Surely he’d go easy on her since her bottom was already burning. She was wrong. The muscular dark haired man spanked her just as hard as the other three. By the time he was done, her tears were dripping on the floor.

Finally they stopped spanking her. She laid on the floor weeping and thinking her ordeal was over. These men, however, were not through with her. She’d peeped into the wrong cabin this day.

“Get up!” She heard Bill order. Afraid he’d grab her hair again, she weekly rose to her knees. “Stand up, ‘Pussy’....That is your name you know,” he needled.

“Yeah, Pussy, get your red ass up!” Tom commanded.

When the half naked young lady with the now red bottom finally wobbled to her feet, Bill looked at her. “Strip Pussy!” He commanded. When she didn’t move fast enough, Bill drew the leather belt out of his pants and whacked her sharply across her searing ass. “I said strip!”

She shrieked and jumped, then quickly drew the sweat shirt over her head, revealing a matching red bra.

“Let’s see those tits!” Charlie urged.

“You were looking in the window probably thinking you’d see our dicks,” Robbie suggested.

“Yeah, how let’s have a look at you naked. Get that bra off!” Bill ordered as he once again drew back his belt. She reached back and unhooked the lacy material in record time, letting it drop to the wooden floor.

“Hey, not bad!” Tom commented.

“Yeah, a healthy set of tits she’s got there,” Charlie noted as the dark haired young lady’s breasts stuck out like oranges on her chest. Her nipples were as hard as bullets.

“We can have some fun with those nipples,” Tom commented wryly.

“Turn around Pussy so we get a good look at all of you and spread those legs,” Bill demanded.

“Nice furry pussy,” Robbie added. “Come closer....I want a feel.”

She came nearer but she put her hands in front of her twat.

“Hey, I think she needs some help keeping her hands out of the way,” Tom observed. The tall brown haired man got a long piece of rope and tossed one end over a rafter in the ceiling and brought it down. He made a noose out of both ends of the dangling cord and then looked at the naked young woman.

Robbie grabbed her by an upper arm and forced her to walk the short distance where Tom held the noose. Her arms were forced over her head and into the noose where it was tightened. Her feet were barely touching the floor as her arms were straight out over her head. This position also made her tits stick out.

“Keep those legs spread Pussy!” Charlie ordered as he tickled her between the legs.

“Now, we can examine her without any interference,” Robbie added with a smile.

That’s exactly what the four men did. They ran their hands all over her dangling body. Her tits, ass, thighs and pussy was fingered and probed. They each stuck their fingers in her snatch, getting it wet and tasting the juices.

“Mmmmm, Pussy tastes good,” Bill said as he smacked his lips. They all had a taste.

Then Tom spoke. “But Pussy needs some more punishment for peeping...”

“No question!,” Charlie agreed emphatically. It was unanimous.

Bill picked up his belt and she pleaded for him not to use it. Her words went unheeded as he took his position behind her suspended form. Holding the brown leather by it’s buckle, he swung his arm back and brought it forward. She arched her back as the thick piece bit into her flesh. Her piercing wail knifed through the air. A red splotch appeared on the spot where it made contact.

“Yeah Bill!” Robbie egged him on.

For an answer Bill brought the leather back again and once more slashed the middle of her back slightly lower than the first one. Once more, her back arched, a splotch appeared and her lips opened letting out another piercing shriek.

“Scream as loud as you want Pussy. We are way out in the middle of nowhere,” Tom mocked.

The whipping continued as the menacing strap marched it’s way down her back, over her already reddened rear and down to her supple thighs. She shrieked and yanked on her bonds as sweat poured down her body.

Then Bill walked around to her front. “NO!” She pleaded once again. However, her protests landed on deaf ears.

“Bet it’ll be a cold day in hell when you decide to peep in someone’s window again, won’t it Pussy!” Robbie said coldly as he reached out and pinched a nipple, which drew another shriek. Then liking the sound of that, he reached out and pinched both nipples really hard. The raucous scream was music to their ears.

Once again Bill held the belt by the buckle and swung it forward, swiping it right across her right breast. She howled so loud, but it didn’t phase the men at all. Another swipe across her left tit produced the identical howl. Then the supple leather marched it’s way down her tummy, leaving red splotches in it’s wake, which matched the same splotches on her back, ass and thighs.

Bill ordered her to keep those legs spread. Her obedience was rewarded when he smacked the belt on the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs. Tears streamed down her face and she mouthed that she was sorry.

“I think she’s almost had enough,” Tom said softly.

“I agree,” Bill concurred. “One more and that’ll be all.

“No more! ...Please!” She begged.

“Just one more Pussy, I promise,” Bill said in a soft tone.

Tears filled her eyes as she looked at him, pleadingly. Then he lowered the belt to the floor as he held onto the buckle. Instinctively, she knew what was coming. But there was nothing she could do when he brought the strap up and snapped it right on her wide open pussy. She jerked on her bonds and let out the loudest cry yet. The devastating pain shot through her being. Her brown hair was matted against her scalp as she sagged forward, only being held up by the strong rope that bound her wrists.

None of the men said a word as Bill put his belt back around his jeans. This scene had drained all of them. Tom and Robbie untied Pussy from her noose and they allowed her to lie on the wooden floor as she cried.

They allowed her a respite. That was fine with them. They had all day.

An hour later, however, Bill once again walked to where Pussy was laying. “Get your ass up!”

Immediately, she rose from the floor and began to stand. “Stay on your knees!” She instantly obeyed looking somber at him.

“Don’t worry Pussy, we’re not going to whip you anymore.”

“Thank you sir,” she said with a grateful smile.

“But we’re not quite done with you either.” She looked up at the blonde haired man, puzzled. “You were peeping in our window hoping you’d see a dick. Well we’re gonna show you all our dicks...up close and personal.”

All the his mates agreed.

Then Bill looked over at Tom. “Want your cock sucked buddy?”

The tall brown haired man didn’t have to be invited twice. He immediately took his jeans and underwear down and sat in a chair. After tying Pussy’s wrists behind her back, Bill grabbed her by the hair once again, which caused another painful shriek, and forced her to walk on her knees over to Tom’s waiting bare cock. Once she was close enough, Bill let go of her hair only to let Tom get a handful so he could force her face toward his raging manhood.

“Come here Pussy, lick the head of my cock!” He ordered as he spread his legs for her. She had no choice but to obey. Tom closed his eyes from the exquisite pleasure. “That’s it, now lick down the shaft!” He controlled her by her hair. “Ahh, that’s it...now lick my balls Pussy!”

Her mouth was forced onto his bloated testicles. “Suck my balls in your mouth Pussy!” He threw his head back in unabated pleasure as she filled her mouth with both of his sensitive globes.

“Don’t you bite him!” Bill warned. “Or we’ll redden your twat with another whipping!”

She heard those threatening words and made sure her teeth didn’t touch his balls.

“Okay Pussy, lick your way back up the shaft!” Tom commanded with a gasp as she let his balls out of her mouth. When she reached the tip, he pushed her mouth downward, forcing his six inch cock into her mouth. “Open up Pussy...take it all in your mouth!” Slowly but surely she enclosed her lips around the bulbous head and sucked. Inch by inch she managed to take it completely in her mouth.

Tom was in heaven. He held onto her hair and began ramming his hard cock in and out of her mouth. He could feel the juices rumbling in his balls and he knew it was only a matter of seconds before he would explode. He fucked her mouth repeatedly, then suddenly stiffened. He let out an animalistic yell as his cum filled Pussy’s mouth. He continued to fuck her mouth as he emptied every drop into her receptacle.

“Swallow every drop of that cum, Pussy!” Bill warned

Finally, Tom was satisfied and he pushed her away, like he was discarding a mangy cat. Then Robbie spoke up. “Come here Pussy!” He said as he grabbed her by the hair and forced her to walk on her knees over to another chair. Robbie unzipped his jeans and pushed them along with his briefs to his ankles and sat. The strong man forced the overpowered young woman’s mouth to his cock. She knew what to do. She licked the head, then licked down his shaft to his balls.

Then it was Robbie’s turn to get both of his balls in her mouth. Then back up the shaft...he was in ecstacy. She took his cock which was longer than Tom’s deep into her mouth. He threw his head back, held her by her hair and fucked her mouth. It didn’t take long for him to squirt his whole load into her wide mouth. She swallowed every drop.

Next it was Charlie’s turn...same scenario. He forced her to lick his head, then lick down his shaft, suck both balls in her mouth, then lick back up so she could take his thick cock in her mouth. She had to open her mouth wider to get Charlie’s cock in. His was the thickest of the three. Soon he was fucking her mouth and he bellowed like a stuck pig when he came in her mouth. Once again she swallowed it all.

Three cocks down, one to go.

She was once again dragged by her hair over to where Bill sat and her mouth was forced onto his cock. She gave him the same treatment, but there was one thing. Bill’s cock was at least ten inches long. Surely she would choke on that thing. She started licking the head, just like the others, then down the long shaft. Bill forced his balls into her mouth and she sucked, sending him into the universe. Then the trip back up his shaft. This was the moment she dreaded. Her lips surrounded the smooth head, then slowly she began taking it all in, inch by inch. He deep throated her, but to everyone’s surprise she took it all. Then he, like the others began fucking her mouth, while he controlled her by her long hair.

He came in buckets. Once he was satisfied, he pushed her away with his foot.

A while later, the four men were sitting around the round wooden table. “Think we should let Pussy go now?” Bill suggested as he looked down at the still naked woman who was now tied up on the floor.

“Yeah, I’ve had enough of her for one day,” Robbie assented.

“Me too,” Charlie agreed.

“Me three,” Tom said with a wry smile.

That’s when Bill walked over to her and untied her. He told her to get on all fours. When she did, he led her over to the door by the leash they had put around her neck. He opened the door, unhooked the leash and booted her in the ass. “Go home Pussy!” She scooted quickly out the door and all the men laughed out loud from that sight.

A few minutes later, the young woman reentered the house with a wide grin. “You guys were great!”

All of the men stood up. “Gail, was that your fantasy?” Bill said as he put his arms around his submissive.

“Yes...it was fantastic!” Gail exclaimed. “I knew when Bill mentioned all of you at the Lodge a week ago that you were just the guys I was looking for.”

She proceeded to go around to each of the hunters and gave them all big hugs. “Thank you so much...I’ve wanted to do that fantasy for years!”

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i think your

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