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6/5/2006 5:00 pm
ku minta kau pergi

My second longest relationship has been with Mistress Cheryl. I have known Mistress Ann longer, but have not seen her as often as I see Mistress Cheryl who demands my presence at least once a month. Actually Mistress Cheryl enjoys conventional sex as much as mild BDSM. She often has others present and enjoys watching me being humiliated by others. She is the one who had me write down my experiences.

Mistress Cheryl enjoys having me drink her urine, drink my cum, drink other's cum, eat her toenails and watch me have forced sex with other males. She is also into bestiality but so far has only threatened me with it. When I first met her she was slightly subservient, but quickly moved into a more dominant role. Her biggest thrill is to have another female or sometimes a male present and challenge them to have me do something I won't normally do. She has a flat $100 offer open to anyone who comes up with something I won't do. Recently she upped the offer to $500 if I won't do something one of them would do first. She has some bizarre friends that have done some bizarre things that could be the subject of another story by itself. To date no one has yet collected the prize. During one of our sessions she had a couple perform with me. After a few sessions with this couple (Violet and Randy) Mistress Cheryl told me they liked me and might get in touch with me. Mistress Cheryl told me in no uncertain terms that if they called upon me I was to act as their slave and serve them. I later found out that this couple paid Mistress Cheryl every time they used my services.

To this day I still see Cheryl who very often has another slave or Mistress join us.

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