i went to the edge of town  

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6/4/2006 5:14 pm
i went to the edge of town

In the darkness a circle of burning candles flickered and danced in the chilly breeze, throwing sinister shadows about the lonely wind swept hilltop. In the distance a throbbing drumbeat can be heard.

Carrie stood still. Blindfolded, her nude body, that was covered in a long red cloak made of velvet which was tightly tied with cords around her middle, lurched forward as the tempo of the drum kept increasing.

Soon, words of mystic and ancient power swelled up from the darkness as her beating heart kept pace with the drum...her apprehension grew as the voice continued.

Suddenly she felt the cords loosened and they slithered from around her cloaked body like a pair of snakes until she felt them no more.

As she stood there unseeing, she felt fingers pluck the cloak from her quivering body, exposing her pale, nude form to all. The chill of the night invaded her shaking form and her nipples stiffened.

She felt a leather cuff go around one wrist, then the other and her arms being raised and secured over her head. Then she felt the same sensation around her ankles and her legs were forced wide. The drumbeat continued.

Slowly she felt hands sliding over her...touching her...exploring her as they probed and explored her breasts and womanhood. She felt fingers slide between her pussy lips and anus. Her cunt and asshole were repeatedly fingerfucked. The electric sensation sent wave after wave of pleasure shooting through her being, when she heard movement behind her. The probing fingers were then removed and suddenly there was total silence.

What was happening she wondered?

That silence was broken only by a whoosh. The cat sliced across her ass startling her as much as it stung. She tried to steel herself for the anticipation of the next stripe but it landed so forcefully that a shriek was mindlessly emitted from her lips. On and on the flagellator worked his craft. Not an inch of her back or buttocks was spared as her screams grew louder. By the time he’d finished she hung limply by her wrists.

Then she felt hands unlock her ankles and wrists. She was laid on the cool grass and she felt the blindfold removed. He knelt between her splayed legs and she protested not. He entered her easily and drove his stiff, throbbing shaft into her. She blocked the onlookers from her mind as the leader filled her harder and deeper. Her primal urges soared to new heights as she arched her back while he kept thrusting forward. Finally, he exploded deep inside of her while her loud pleasurable shriek cut through the night air.

As she laid there in utter contentment, the leader smiled down at her. The others, men as well as women, formed a tight circle around her and smiled as well.

“Welcome to the club.” He said as they all cheered.

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