i didnt die  

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6/2/2006 5:29 am
i didnt die

You are not supposed to be home for another day so I decide to make an early night of it. Lying alone in the dark bedroom, the ceiling fan blowing softly as my eyelids close, I nearly jump out of my skin as the phone rings. I answer the phone and I don’t know what makes my heart beat faster, the scare of the ring or the sound of your voice on the other end of the line.

“I’m sorry to have woken you, pet. I wanted to tell you goodnight and how much I love you.” You always melt my heart with those three little words. I doubt I will ever get tired of hearing them from you.

You ask me about my day and I lie back down and begin a lazy monolog of the day’s events. A sudden noise catches my attention and I ask you to hold on as I get up cautiously walking to the bedroom door. As I reach for the door my breath is knocked from me when I see the doorknob turn. The door flies open and I am barely able to stifle the scream that rises before I recognize you in the doorway grinning at me as you hold your cell phone to your ear. With a squeal of delight I throw my arms around you and maul you where you stand. The gentle rumble in your chest soothes away all the loneliness I have felt these past few days.

I am about to ask you why you are here so early but you reach out and place a finger to my lips silencing me. I stand there watching you hang up both phones with a silent joy. Turning to me your face shines with your pleasure in me and I feel my chest hitch as it dawns on me all over again how deeply I love you. Your eyes never leave mine as you quickly shed your clothing then reach over to softly push the straps of the nightgown from my shoulders. I hear your gasp as the gown falls in a pool of material at my feet and feel the blush that forms each time you openly express your delight in my body. I again start to tell you how much I have missed you and am quickly silenced by your finger gently tracing the curves of my lips. You wrap me in your strong arms and pull me closer to you. We stand saying nothing, just embracing for moments that feel like a heavenly eternity. You tilt us sideways and we both chuckle as we fall onto our sides into the bed.

The chuckling stops as you dip your head down to kiss me. Your hands begin caressing my skin and I feel you gently bump my chin with your finger when my eyes close. I open my eyes to look up at you and immediately your eyes hold me captive. My breath flutters deep inside my chest as I feel the heat radiating from your skin beneath the gentle caresses of my fingertips. Your arm curled behind my neck cradles my head with a sweet delicateness. Your body pressing fully against mine responds even though I see the look of restraint in your eyes. The nails from one hand rasp lightly across your back while my other hand glides up the back of your neck delving into your hair to pull your mouth closer to mine. My lips capture yours. Sucking your lower lip gently, I feel it slide between mine, my tongue playing with teasing strokes across the soft skin. I feel your body shift; your hardness brushes my hip forcing an almost imperceptible moan from me. I feel more then hear the reply from you rise from your throat as you dip your head to capture a hardened nipple straining for your touch. My hand clenches, sharply pulling at your hair while I draw a hiss between my teeth. I feel your hand travel the length of my body before stopping short of my thigh. I can feel the light teasing strokes as slowly you edge closer to my hip, chuckling softly as you feel me try to turn towards your hand. Your teeth capture my nipple swiftly and harshly! I arch my back in surprise. My growling moans begin to raise in pitch to sweet whimpers as you torture my nipple mercilessly. I cannot keep my hand from scratching harder up your back, forcing myself to pull back as I feel my nails begin to dig painfully into your shoulders. You shift your arm so your other hand can reach across my shoulder to grasp my free nipple twisting with an almost sadistic delight. As I arch my body higher, crying out in pleasure and pulling at your hair, your forgotten hand quickly plunges deep between my folds. The shock of the unexpected pleasure raises me higher; I feel your body press further against me to keep me from rising to my shoulders and feet. The twinkling delight in your eyes as my body writhes beneath the manipulations of your hands heightens my desire. Your lips travel from my nipple across my chest and shoulder up my neck close to my ear. I hear your voice low and deep whisper to me, urge me on nearly begging for me to give you more.

Riding the waves of pleasure I enter into my space. The arena where you are the god of all I am and it is your commanding voice that shapes the world around me. My hands roam frantically across your body to claw and grasp at you with desperation. I am your instrument, playing the tune you are orchestrating for you and you alone. My head presses against your shoulder, the movements of your body against mine bringing me higher and higher, I take your shoulder in my teeth, biting a bit and growling. I feel your grasp on my nipple tighten, your other hand molding my flesh between your fingers and your teeth gripping my ear as your rasping voice commands my response to peak for you. My mouth returning to yours, I kiss and bite your lips, alternating with exploring and thrusting into you with my tongue, then clamping hard on your lower lip, I growl more loudly and steadily

“ . . .What an awesome little bitch you are for me, my love . . .my pet . . .I love it when you are wanting nothing but to be my slut . . .to be taken and used.” You whisper…”Show me, show me NOW!”

I feel the heat from my rush scalding me, sending me into the spiraling decent of my release. Only for you.

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