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6/4/2006 5:38 pm
hold on a second

You knock on my door, waiting anxiously for me to open it. After a few seconds, the door opens and you have
your first view of me. Your jaw drops slightly as you see me in tight blue jeans and a skimpy halter top, my
hair hanging down around my shoulders. I smile shyly, inviting you in.
At once, you notice the romantic atmosphere: the scent of honey dew melon, the dim light coming from the candles placed around the house. You step inside as my hand closes around yours, leading you to the living room. We sit down on my couch, a small space between us.

Looking into your handsome face, I lean closer, my scent surrounding you, making you close your eyes to savor it. Seeing your nostrils flare, you open your eyes to see a secretive smile on my face. "What is that perfume you're wearing," I hear you ask. Leaning closer, I whisper in your ear, "It's my cum." I feel the shock go through your body before you lift my chin, bending down to lick and taste my neck. Shivering in your embrace, I throw my head back with a soft murmur of pleasure, giving you better access to the skin bared for you.

After letting you taste me for a few minutes, I push you back and stand up, walking towards to the entertainment center, hitting play on the VCR. I sit down besides you, grabbing your hand and resting it on my thigh, very close to my heated center. You try to move your hand further, but I place my hand over yours once again, stopping you. Giving you a quick kiss, I bring your attention back to the movie about to start.

Eventhough I'm not letting you touch me, my hands roam freely over your hard body. Hearing your ragged
breathing, I smile, knowing my plan is in full works. I look up in time to see major shock on your face as
you realize the movie playing is not just any normal movie, but a porno.... Seeing my naked body being self
pleasured on tape turns you on unbearably and you turn to me, lust blazing in your eyes. I blush slightly,
licking my bottom lip. Your eyes follow the path of my tongue, leaning forward to kiss me passionately.
Turning my head to the side as you kiss down my neck and between my breasts, I whisper in your ear, "I set
up a camcorder in my room earlier and taped this just for you."

I see your attention is caught at the thought of having a camcorder in my room and you stand up, grabbing my hand and dragging me into my room. I follow breathlessly, my hard nipples evident through my shirt and the crotch of my jeans damp with wanting you.

Once inside my room, we both hurriedly strip, our clothes thrown around without a care. My eyes travel your body hungrily, gazing at your nice hard cock for a few seconds to come back up to your face, seeing that you are making the same inspection of my body. I walk forward slowly, my breasts jiggling with each step, capturing your attention. Your hands reach out to caress my nipples as I come closer, my hands sliding up your chest and around your neck, bringing you down for a hot, passionate kiss. I step back slightly, breaking contact, making you confused. I smile wickedly and push you back onto my bed, kneeling beside your reclining form. Leaning over you, I give you a full body caress with my hair, kissing you here and there, my hands exploring your body, finding what pleasures you most.

After a few moments of this, you can't take anymore and throw me on my back, torturing me with your kisses and touch. I gasp and writhe under you, my legs parting eagerly for your invasion, yet you hold back, waiting... waiting.... You go on your own quest, finding what pleasures ME, in the process, making me go wild, begging for you to take me.

At long last, you slide up my body, parting my legs wider and slowly, oh so slowly, entering my hot, wet, tight
pussy, making us both gasp and shudder in delight at finally being together this way. My legs wrap around
your waist, pushing you deeper, as my hands thread through your hair, bringing your mouth down for a
hungry kiss.

As the moment of madness approaches, my nails rake down your back and grab your ass, my moans growing louder and longer. Suddenly, my body stiffens as I cum all over your cock, a low growl escaping from the back of my throat. Hearing that sound sends you over the edge, making you shoot inside me, my pussy muscles milking every last drop of cum from your body.

I gasp your name softly, nibbling on your ear and smiling. I giggle softly and ask, "Was it as good for you as it was for me?"

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