This is edited as i told it in a yahoo chat room.  

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6/4/2006 5:41 pm
This is edited as i told it in a yahoo chat room.

breathless (leavesmebreathless) joined the room
draygons_pet: hi, nicci

leavesmebreathless: Good morning E/everyone

draygons_pet: nicci...i have SUCH a story for

leavesmebreathless: hello amy

leavesmebreathless: i got the off lines from you and Draygon, amy..what's up?

draygons_pet: omg....He got me a butt plug

leavesmebreathless: What?

leavesmebreathless: you're just now getting one?

hope_slave_to_satans_cock: omg nicci....lmao

draygons_pet: yeah...thought i'd hate the thing

leavesmebreathless laughs

draygons_pet: then He made me wear it to walmart...

gentle4masterthomas: *grins.. yeah.. but nicci.. you have to hear the butt plug story sis

leavesmebreathless: God girl, no way

draygons_pet: i enjoyed the bumps

leavesmebreathless: oh, OK. i'll hush.

draygons_pet: but then i get to walmart and about half way to the door and i feel it slipping out

leavesmebreathless rolls laughing

draygons_pet: well, i'm wearing a dress and no unders, with no permission to remove it, so i try to hold it in

draygons_pet: well, it had other ideas!

draygons_pet: lol

hope_slave_to_satans_cock snickers

draygons_pet: instead of holding it in, it projectile ejects from my ass and gets caught up in my skirt

hope_slave_to_satans_cock rollsssss

leavesmebreathless spews my coffee

leavesmebreathless: omg, amy

draygons_pet: so i'm trying to subtlety remove it from my skirt and still again, it had other ideas

gentle4masterthomas: lolol amy sis *grins hard again

leavesmebreathless: oh no, amy

draygons_pet: it wanted to bounce around on the parking lot for a few seconds

hope_slave_to_satans_cock rollsss laughing

leavesmebreathless: OMG

leavesmebreathless: tell me this didn't happen

hope_slave_to_satans_cock: wait there's more

gentle4masterthomas: yeppers.. there's more

draygons_pet: still thinking He'll be upset that it's no longer in me

draygons_pet: i decide to go get some underwear and reinsert it

draygons_pet: so i go get the unders, proceed to the bathroom to clean it off and put it back in

draygons_pet: still had a mind of it's own

draygons_pet: and no more lube

hope_slave_to_satans_cock cracks up

leavesmebreathless: oh no

draygons_pet: not only did it not get back in, it decided the bathroom floor looked like a nice place to bounce and roll around on, too

leavesmebreathless: omg

hope_slave_to_satans_cock: lmfao

leavesmebreathless: amy, you're killing me here

hope_slave_to_satans_cock: omg my sides are hurting from laughing

torrie_lee34: wow...walked in on this one...i'm confused and perplexed as to what you are talking about amy...however....i kinda like using my imagination on this ya amy

satan_dark_raging_beast_of_hell: special orders a butt plug for hope......with a GPS tracking device

draygons_pet: luckily, instead of rolling up under the next stall to the poor lady who was probably wondering what the hell that pink bullet shaped thing was, it rolled up under my toilet

draygons_pet: so i just gave up and put it in my purse, all the while worried that He'd be upset that it was no longer inserted

torrie_lee34: now thats original

draygons_pet: no need to worry, He laughed His ass off when i got home

draygons_pet: isn't that just a killer, nicci?

draygons_pet: lol

hope_slave_to_satans_cock hears nicci laughing from here

leavesmebreathless: stop girl..i'm about to pee from laughing so hard

rm_quentin396 42M
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7/2/2006 5:35 am


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