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Lagu tentang cinta

“Heather, if my two o’clock appointment has arrived get her ready and bring her down.”

“Yes DM, she is here but she’s objecting to the wrist cuffs Sir.”

“Tell her if she doesn’t cooperate I will call the prosecutor and inform him that he may proceed with her indictment!”

“She heard that Sir. The cuffs are in place as well as the collar Sir.”

“Very well.”

DM could hear the foot steps on the basement stairs. A famous tv personality is going to be entering his dungeon, much to her indignation. He sat in his comfortable chair across the room as the door swung open. He could see that the blonde woman was adjusting her eyes to the darkness of the room, which only had a single red halogen light beaming from the ceiling.

“Welcome Martha,” DM said as he welcomed the lady.

“Are these cuffs really necessary?!” She blurted...”And this collar! I’m not a dog you know!”

“Martha, I’m sure that this is quite different from anything you’ve ever experienced. Now just relax and it’ll be alright.”

“Relax?! How can I when you’ve got me like this?!” The famous tv personality protested as she twisted her arms around.

“I suggest you learn to like it Martha, unless you’d like me to inform the prosecutor how uncooperative you were. And you know what that could mean Martha!”

Having adjusted her eyes sufficiently she focused her blue eyes at the man who was seated in the velvet blue chair. “I don’t know what you mean!”

“Insider trading Martha is against the law!”

“But I didn’t...”

“Save it Martha! This is not a court of law. I believe you did engage in illegal activity as far as your selling of your shares of stock the day before the price dropped.”

“But sir I”...

“I don’t want to hear it Martha! This is part of the plea bargain your attorney made with the prosecutor, and if he prosecutes you Martha, you could go to jail!”

“Why that sneaky bastard! I knew I shouldn’t have trusted that shyster!” Miss know-it-all sneered.

“So what will it be Martha? Cooperation today or possibly jail real soon?”

“Well what do I have to do?” She asked in a much softer tone.

“Well for starters, I require you to be on your knees, right there,” DM said while pointing to a spot directly underneath the red spotlight.

“On my knees!? This is outrageous!” She blurted as her face reddened.

“Martha, I’m losing my patience quickly! Either do it in two seconds or I’m calling the prosecutor!”

DM gave Heather a sign and she led the famous hostess to the spot and the now quiet, but clearly indignant lady descended demurely to her knees. The dominant man drank in the sight before him. He had an urge to take a picture, but he declined, thinking that he’d keep this little meeting as private as possible. He wondered about nosy Mae up the street. Undoubtedly she saw the limo in front of his house and is probably dying to know who is here. It’s a good thing DM had all the windows down here blocked.

“Now Martha, as I alluded to you before, the reason you are here is to give you a chance to expunge your record.”


“In the next hour, you will receive what I feel is fair punishment for your misdeed.”

“This is really outrageous!”

“Ah! I don’t want to hear it! If I hear one more peep, we’re finished and I will report that you were totally uncooperative! I will punish you in the manner that I see fit.” He paused, waiting for her to slip. But to his surprise she kept her lip buttoned.

“Now Martha, you see those implements I have hung on the hooks of the pegboard?”

“Yes, I do,” she replied as her eyes followed to where his finger was pointed. “That’s quite an array. Do use all of them?” She asked in a voice filled with dread.

“Yes Martha, I do. And I’m really deciding which one or ones to use on you.” DM said as he rose from his seat to stroll over to the pegboard. He took down the two-sided paddle and showed it to his kneeling guest. “Heather, you may uncuff Martha’s wrists. I want her to feel this.”

“Yes Sir.”

That done, DM held the fuzzy side of the paddle so Martha, the expert, could feel how soft it was. “My, my, what do you use this for?”

“This is when I give erotic spankings. Heather just loves this one, don’t you dear?”

“Oh yes Sir,” DM’s dark haired assistant beamed as her brown eyes shined.

“But that’s not why you’re here. Is it Martha?”

Red faced once again, Martha did not answer.

DM’s face turned red as he glared down at her. Grabbing a lock of her golden mane he yanked her head back as she yelped. “That’s ‘No Sir!’, Martha.”

“No Sir!” She mouthed quickly before he released his grip.

Then DM stood in front of his kneeling tv personality and tilted her chin up with his finger. “But Martha, after your punishment, if you like an erotic spanking, you certainly may have one. It may benefit you immensely.”

Her face turned scarlet as the lurid meaning of DM’s suggestion hit home.

“But for now,” he continued. “This is hardly the instrument I will use,” he said as he strolled back to the peg board and put that paddle back. Instead, he took down a black oblong shaped leather paddle. She gasped when he showed it to her. “Now this is more of what I had in mind. Notice how long it is, long enough to reach both cheeks. Efficient piece of art wouldn’t you say Martha?”

“Yes Sir,” she gulped. She felt the texture. “Very well made indeed DM.”

“Your expert opinion is most grateful Martha. I’ll keep this one handy,” he said as he laid the black leather implement on a table beside him. “Now,” he continued. “I also have this black leather strap, a few short whips, a flogger and a......cane!” He emphasized the last piece and took it down from it’s hook.

“Surely you don’t mean to cane me!” The kneeling subordinate blurted.

“Martha! I said I didn’t want to hear another word! Heather, get the prosecutor on the phone!”

“Yes Sir, right away.”

“Wait!” Martha shot Heather a pleading look. “Okay, okay...whatever you want!”

“Does that mean Martha, that you will accept whatever punishment I deem necessary?”

“Yes Sir,” she replied in a tone that was barely audible.

“Did you hear what she said Heather?”

“Yes Sir I did.”

“That’s good, just in case she tries to claim later that she was coerced.”

The lady was trapped and she knew it. DM looked sternly at her. “Not another word of protest Martha. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Very well then. I want you to rise to your feet, hike up your skirt, lower your panties and lean over the spanking horse!”

Feeling highly indignant but realizing her predicament, the proud lady obeyed without a single word of protest. A glorious sight it was indeed.

“Please secure the lady properly Heather!”

“Yes Sir.”

In a few minutes a struggling Martha was securely bound by her wrists and ankles to DM’s wooden spanking horse that is padded in all the right places. He didn’t want to make his famous guest too uncomfortable.

“Now Martha, let’s get this over with,” DM said as he patted her on her pale bare rump. “I’ve decided that you will get fifty spanks with the paddle for your insider trading and five swats with the cane for your uncooperative attitude this afternoon.”

The nervous Ms. Stewart gasped at the pronouncement but knew better than to utter a word.

“Very well, we shall proceed.”

DM took up the long leather paddle and stood directly over his now bound victim. The first spank landed with a loud thwack that reverberated around the walls of the dungeon. He loved the way Martha’s behind cheeks bounced on impact as she gave out a little yelp. --He would enjoy this one‒. The next nine were given in even rhythmic cadence, with a louder yelp following in progression. The next ten were harder and faster. Martha’s bottom was showing signs of color and her wails were music to DM’s ears.

The dominant man gave the lady a respite. “We’re not even half way finished Martha, but you can take it. Just remember after this is over, your slate will be wiped clean.”

“But I can’t take fifty. Please have mercy,” she begged.

“If that’s what you want Martha, I will stop, but then you haven’t fulfilled your part of the plea bargain.”

“Okay then,” she sniffled in a voice of resignation.

The next ten were delivered with a much slower cadence and her yelps didn’t sound so urgent. However, spanks thirty-one thru forty were given fast and hard with the lady yanking on her bonds and twisting violently trying to evade the inevitable swats

“Only ten more to go Martha. You’re doing well my dear,” DM needled her sarcastically.

“Please!” She shrieked in vain as her hair became completely disheveled.

“Please? Ok.’ The last ten were drawn out. Spank forty-one was soft, but forty-two was a bit harder. It continued to get progressively harder until DM really thwaped her the hardest on number fifty.

Walking back to put up the paddle, DM turned to Heather. “Prepare Martha for the second part of her punishment.”

“Yes Sir. Right away Sir.”

DM’s assistant immediately uncuffed red bottomed Martha’s wrists and ankles from the horse, stripped the rest of her clothes off, without much protest, and led her by the leash over to the hanging chains. The freshly spanked celebrity protested not as Heather proceeded to cuff her wrists again and to raise her arms so the attached cuffs hooked onto another hook that was attached to an overhead chain, which caused Martha’s arms to be raised and left her in a very vulnerable position, facing the wall about two feet from it.

That done, DM then picked up the bamboo cane and walked behind his still sniffling prey.

“You know Martha. I was only going to spank you when you first arrived, but you gave us such a hard time, that I decided to extend your punishment.”

“I’m sorry,” she whined trying to turn her head to look at him.

“Not as sorry as you’re going to be. Heather, put on the nipple clamps!”

Martha’s eyes widened. “NOO!” She protested.

“Okay Heather, get the D.A. on the phone!”

“NOOOO!...okay, what you want.” The famous madam was trapped and she had no choice but to accede to his wishes.

Shrieks of anguish echoed around the walls of the dungeon when the tight squeezing clamps were applied.

“Remember Martha, you’re just five swats with the cane from being a free woman again. No prosecutor, no judge, no jail.”

“Yes Sir!" She screeched.

DM ran the bamboo across her reddened bottom cheeks like he was playing a violin and she gasped from the friction on her her tender skin. He drew back his arm and aimed carefully at a spot on Martha’s behind.

WHOOSH....THWAP! The red stripe appeared immediately on her left cheek and the blonde media star shrieked and shook the chains responsively in a vain attempt at escape. DM moved the bamboo to her right cheek. WHOOSH!...THWAP! A matching stripe appeared as she reacted similarly to the first one. DM then moved the cane to her left sit spot. Another thwap, another loud shriek and more chains shaking. Right sit spot, another thwap, more shrieking and rattling.

“One more Martha and you’re done.” He announced in a mocking tone.

The tears that fell on the floor and her trembling voice prevented the usual loquacious lady from answering.

DM held the cane steady across both cheeks. He wanted this last one to be the best one. Bringing back his arm, he snapped the bamboo solidly across both of her singeing orbs. The intensity of her shriek could’ve disturbed any ghost in the house.

Five angry red stripes now appeared on Martha’s backside as she hung limply by her wrists.

Words were not necessary as DM merely walked over and hung up the cane.


An hour later the tv personality had sufficiently recovered.

“Well Martha, you’re a free woman. I’m sure you will not be prosecuted now.”

“Thank you DM. I’m grateful.”

“You’re quite welcome,” DM smiled.

“But there’s one more thing.”

“What’s that?”

“How about that erotic spanking now.”

DM grinned. “You know where the paddle is.”

“Yes Sir.”


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