Just getting in shape...  

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6/1/2006 12:33 pm

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Just getting in shape...

Hi folks,

Finally got my profile in that shape that i don't need to worry about it to change it anymore.

So i can put some other bullshit on this page.

I was just wondering what it would be like, if you could read anybodies mind.

It would make my life in one way very easy.. Being able to know what someone likes or dislikes about you or if someone doesn't like you at all.
Or you could figure out someone else's darkest and secret wishes.

On the other hand there might as well be a problem with having such talent.
What if somebody finds out? If it is a total stranger, no real worries, but if it is someone you know very well?
Who will he / she tell?
Most likely people will find out soon enough and freak out when getting near you. Not willing to think freely anymore...
if you would be able to read anybodies mind and everybody would know, you would be the first one being capable of taking away the freedom of thinking...
So suppose you can see that coming, how would you keep it a secret?
You have the luxury to twist things to your own hand, but what information can you use and when do you start to become suspicious?

It is not bad to please a person by following the desires that pop into her or his mind as this would make you the perfect entertainer.
But if you start flapping out secrets you possibly couldn't know just like that,
you're busted!

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