My Encounter with a Multi-Orgasmic Blonde  

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1/21/2006 1:55 am

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My Encounter with a Multi-Orgasmic Blonde

I met Heather (not her real name) on-line. We e-mailed back and forth a few times and eventually we started chatting on the phone. One night I asked if she wanted to come over, not really expecting her to say yes, but to my surprise she agreed.

She turned up around midnight. I had almost given up on her. I found out later she was checking up on me and even had her chauffeur drive her over. I had no idea until then that she came from a really wealthy family.

She was beautiful, about 5'4", slender I would say maybe 110lbs, delicate features, long blonde hair. She had told me said she was 24. I could tell she was apprehensive but from the look in her eyes I also knew she was attracted to what she saw. I was so attracted to her I could not help but to give her a kiss right away, she seemed to like it and started to relax. I was relieved since it confirmed our mutual attraction.

I gave her a tour of my home to help her feel at ease but after some light chatting it was clear we would not be able to keep our hands off each other and it also became clear why she agreed to come over ... she was very horny. So in between kisses I lead her to my bed and wow ... she had a flawless body and had no inhibitions being naked.

I started kissing her all over but what I really wanted was to kiss her pussy so I made my way down there fairly quickly. OMG, she tasted and smelled so clean and sweet I was in heaven. I started gently inquiring between breaths what technique she liked the most. It seemed that sucking on her clit and lips simultaneously was her favorite and it didn't take long before there was the familiar involuntary muscle contraction and facial expression of a strong quiet orgasm.

She motioned to me that she wanted me inside her so I put on protection and slowly mounted her missionary style. She was wet but felt tight, I was in 2nd heaven. I started pounding her gently kissing her lips and nipples until her movements indicated she wanted it faster and harder. I did not think she would be able to come so quickly again if at all but I was in for a treat, the next thing I knew she was clenching and writhing in another orgasm. The next few hours were a blur of mish, doggy, fingers and oral because it became clear she was extremely multi-orgasmic and did not want to stop. As for me, it might have been the late hour but I was so tired I could not come from penetration even though I desperately wanted to. About 5 hours later I was about to collapse so she agreed to let me finish myself off by hand and cum all over her breasts after treating me to wide open views of her perfect pink pussy. We laughed and tried to count how many times she came, at least 8 times we agreed, 3 times through penetration and 5 through oral.

This was the only time I saw her. She had some personal issues going on and was quite the spoilt brat in reality, after she flaked on me a few times later, I decided it was not worth wasting my time and emotional energy. I do remember the experience very fondly and I get quite aroused knowing she is probably still masturbating several times a day to fill her need.

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