Asian Men: What do we have to Offer?  

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12/9/2005 9:41 pm

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Asian Men: What do we have to Offer?

I am not trying to start a race issue here, but I am just thinking to myself. A lot of white men fantasized about Asian women, and lot of Asian women fantasized about black men (well, maybe every race of women fantasized about a black men at one point) And thanks for the help of AdultFriendFinder, a lot of these fantasy came true those we pursued and those that are lucky. From being a man, I know that we are just happy to get laid most of the times, so if there is a girl out there, and is willing, we are there in a heart beat. So if you are women of any race, and want to get laid, on AdultFriendFinder, there is not problem at all. But being an Asian men, what are we know for and what do we have to offer to the other sex to fantasized about? Beside our boyish like features and smooth skins, I don’t think there is much that we are known for. With these two known features, we are most likely to an answer for some gay man, (I have nothing against gay men, its all about personal preferences) then a real chance to try girl of different race rather then our own. So what I want to ask it, where are all the non-Asian ladies that are into Asian men or are there not any?

BiF33Ut 50F
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12/9/2005 10:23 pm

I spent 3 1/2 yrs in Korea, and I have to say.. there wasn't a lot, but there were a few asian men that I gave a double take to... I was married at the time, and not exactly in a position where I could have experimented... but I likely would have.. as I am color blind that way.

For me, regardless of race.. it's all about the personality.

As for stereotypes.. like black men with big'uns, and etc.. .I am not sure there is a sexual stereotype for asian men..

maybe we should make one up?

asiancpl1 47M/46F

12/12/2005 6:26 pm

Nice post. But from my side, there is no attraction to the black men. It depends on time growing up. I was 80s growing up as teenager in Japan so the style of man is kind of sensitive and gentlemen type. Good at sports, intelligent etc. Now days the girls like the guy with little beard and some wild side, like the American woman liked in the 80s time. I was always wondering why American women liked that kind of guy. It was easier to talk to British ladies because their taste was like my generation Japanese women.
I think that the women fantasy with black men is from the American side. The American women like that and many American husband want wife to be with black and wife wants to make husband happy, so she do it but not fantasy for her.
In middle 1990s in Japan we had popular for black boyfriend with some younger girls but had to be the black American. There were stories of many girls getting frustrated because they were dating black African or black French and then find out. They wanted the black American. It is like a fashion. In late 1990s it was the South American men because Madonna had child from one. So it always will change, but from my view, I dont like and many friends dont like, but husbands try to talk about it because the way they grew up in American.
And now the Asian men are popular in Britan and starting in US. Some ladies tell me they like Watanabe Ken better than Tom Cruise in the Last Samurai Movie. And with films from China, Korea (especially Korean drama, my mother LOVES the Jun sama, famous Korean TV drama actor in Japan. Many Japanese now crazy for Korean man, but in my time growing up, it was not popular). Anyway, the asian man is getting more popular in some music, and movies, so that women get attracted.

So in time it will change. Black will no longer be the "forbiden" and exciting for American, and if Asian become "forbiden" then that will be popular one. I had American friend who only date the Mexican or Black. Then went to Japan. She was lonely because in area with no Mexican or Black. So she went to club and thought to try Japanese. Well, it was Japanese kind of pervert so he knew lots of sexy play. She married him because so good sex technique and play.

Good thing about the AdultFriendFinder and lifestyle is that it can take away some of the mystery and fables (?) of the sex of people, and just find out people are all levels no matter what.

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