Online body language  

aristotlejones 40M
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4/24/2006 5:15 am
Online body language


What's that all about?

On these types of boards there are so many ways to interract with people other than words that it requires some intuition, some skill and some blind luck to make any sense of it.

So someone puts you on their hotlist.

That's good right? well not necessarily... they can do it because it serves as a place-holder in case they think they might want to write to you later (but you're not deserving of an immediate message). They could also put you on their hotlist because they think you're a freak and your profile amuses them.

But all of this should be obvious. It's winking that's an insane form of communication. Unlike other sites, AdultFriendFinder has only one kind of wink. It's supposed to be a way for non-paying members to attract the attention of a paying one. But paying members also use it amongst themselves. But what does it mean?

It could acknowledge someone looking at your profile. It could be a way of saying "you're cute" or "nice profile" or it could be a friendly brush-off like the woman to whom I wrote only for her to wink at me, put me on her hotlist and never get into contact with me again.

So what's my point? my point is that as humans we've managed to complicate a system that was designed by software engineers in order to be simple. We've evolved these subtle ways of attracting attention and sending messages that are in fact have more in common with body language than verbal communication.

So next time you put someone on your hotlist or wink tat them, bear in mind you might well be doing the equivalent of crossing and uncrossing your legs, arching your back or pointing enthusiastically at your crotch.

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