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5/13/2005 4:45 pm

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noth'n much and someth,n more

Talk about the atrocities @ Abou Grahib and Gantanamo Bay, Australia’s system of mandatory detention for refugees is, it seems, no better, and perhaps even worse. What gives it this dubious distinction is that in our case, our “enemy combatants” are not the bomb throwing terrorist-types of the world stage, but instead, are nothing more than the innocent who are fleeing these regions of conflict. The children, women and men of countries that have erupted into chaos, and who only seek shelter and a chance to regain, if only for a small moment, a portion of their dignity and humanity in what was once considered a safe doorway are now the victims of the most hyenas abuses of power.

In response to their so called crime of asking for shelter, they are instead treated to human rights abuses, to such a degree, that many who are starting to wake up to this inhuman system, are ashamed to call themselves Australians.

A few examples of the recorded testimony are:

- A pregnant women who has been handcuff around the ankles is dragged by her feet across the floor,
- Handcuffed children are subjected to the same treatment; and,
- A very unwell man who had to be driven to a hospital for treatment - a day’s journey there and back, is placed in the back of a van handcuffed and refused water and food by the guard escort, who are solely responsible for this, mans transport and welfare.
The unwell man was refused this most basic form of care by his gauds, as he sat in the back of the van with his hands still handcuffed back to back behind his back, while the guards stopped to have their hour lunch and tea breaks. Even after repeated request the man was still refused water and was only able to drink when he sneaked water from a toilet tap while using the bathroom. .
- maggots in the food;
- guards changing the rules at whim;
- Applications for asylum been turned down because refugees do not look like the race of people they claim be!
The list goes on, and is extensive

It doesn’t stop just there, Australia has now detained two of its own citizens(latest reports estimate a 100 plus legitimate citizens have now been detained), both who are mentally ill in it's overly zealous attempt to punish asylum seekers for ever venturing to our shores, and has even deported one to another country four years ago. Reports now reveal that government officials knew of the wrongful deportation two years ago but failed to notify anyone of the bungle, even though it knew her family listed the woman on the national missing persons register. Emigrations officials simply dumped her in another country within a couple of days of detaining her from hospital after she had been disorientated in a car accident. She spent the next four years living in a home for the "decrepit and dying.”

This board is full of request from people seeking answers to the problems in their lives ‒ lack of love ones and life disappointments, but when I ask, are we, as a global community going to get it right and start to make a difference in our world by making a world that is really about us, the people?

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