Breaking my blog cherry  

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11/7/2005 8:17 pm

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Breaking my blog cherry

This first entry is short and a way to get over the jitters of knowing many may read this. Some of the AdultFriendFinder members know me or have met me over the years, and I hope they judge me and my work as kindly as I think of them. I have been a member off and on for years as I am drawn to the vivacity and life force of the people who choose to live life with spice.

I have felt recently a void in my creative self. I have written in the past and I think I will use this venue not only to tell of my sexual adventures and fantasies, but as a sounding board for some short stories and erotica. Feedback is welcome. Even poison pens may be picked up if necessary.

As for today, I fantasized once again that a nurse at work would work late and lean over my desk, baring much of her breasts to me again. But she didn't today. I am ready for a new partner. I can feel the need. It has been more than two years since I felt the butterflies of meeting someone new. Someone who will accept or reject, tease or shy away. But any way it works out the excitement of the possibilities draws me near.

I have recently signed back on to AdultFriendFinder. Not just to meet and fuck, but to start exploring and sharing my creative, sensual side. I am more mature and seeing new sides to sexuality and sensuality. Creative thoughts are nearer and nearer. I am using the energy to learn more about myself. Learn more through others with the chance of honest, anonymous feedback and advice.

This is the beginning of my new sexual being, my new sensual adventure. And in that respect I am losing my virginity in a new way. I think I like the idea of popping my blog cherry.

Until later. I will share a personal experience of a more erotic sort soon.

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