don't get tangled in the web  

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6/4/2006 9:28 pm
don't get tangled in the web

Okay, so I did a little experiment. I changed my preferences to include ladies a little younger than a decade younger and lo, and behold I get some emails stating that ashley,jenna,whatever is just dying to meet me. Drinks with her girlfreinds and blah,blah blah. Just email her at her hotmail address or chat on yahoo. it's a come on for webcams or of course an escort service.

If someone asks you off site beware. I knew I just wanted to see what kinds of devices they are using. They are slick and very pushy,almost feels like a used car lot. BTW once you get off site and if you see the webcam it's not the same girl as in her picture in the profile. Surprise,surprise, surprise. Cost me $5,lesson well learned.

Tips: beware of standard members with pictures that look too good to be true with short description. You'll get an auto reply with an email address offsite. And they are in the chat rooms too. She'll ask you to meet her at yahoo or messenger.

It's all good. I'm a life-long learner.

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