Happy 4th to me  

applebtmchik 31F
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7/5/2005 5:04 pm

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Happy 4th to me

So I'm pissed off because a normal 15 minute trip downtown turned into a 3-hr trafffic jam. I finally get home after getting lost in Burgaw and check my email.NONE of my flings have contacted me. Dissapointed and horny my phone rings and its my new special friend- being the girl that I am I wanted to let him have a bit. I have never met such an unselfish guy. I felt like I was queen for a day. His tounge...
FANFUCKINTASTIC. He was ginormous in a very important region-- and what a great kisser (fresh breath too)I havent felt that good since the last guy I had there are some of u men that should take a lesson from these guys thats man enuff to make apple beg for more.

CarlBrig1 45M

7/7/2005 8:01 am

Nothing like giving a women a good clit lashing with your tongue! Glad to hear you found a piece of heaven... right between your legs!

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