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Fantasy Lover

Last night as we got into bed she refused my advances, claiming she was tired, probably having secretly met & gotten a good fuck from one of her numerous AdultFriendFinder fuck buddies all day long. I lay there with a semi hard on, thinking of you, laying in your warm bed, draped in a flimsy silk neglige, willing me to come to you, wanting me deep inside your warm velvet folds.

"Reaching down into my groin, my cock quickly hardening at the erotic thought of your soft hot mouth sucking passionately around the tip of the head, slipping & sliding down its length, swallowing me slowly into your hot clenching throat, lovingly fondling my balls in your strong supple kneading hands, pleasing,
pleasuring, slowly blowing & sucking the life out of me.

Moments before you bring me to the brink of orgasm, before I explode gloriously into your hot sucking mouth, I gently reach down, stopping your furiously bopping head, lovingly lifting u up into my arms, looking deep into ur eyes, sparks & showers of unadulterated lust flashing like a meteor shower between us, your lovely legs wrapping around my waist, locking in the small of my back, your hot quivering pussy lips wantonly laying claim to my throbbing member, enveloping it with a hot tight clenching welcome grip deep inside your passion pit of delight.

Gently, ever so slow, I rock on my heels, gently rocking & slapping our hot burning bodies together, our loins locked in a juicy delicious fusion of lust, wrestling, probing, clenching, pulsating, pleasing, pleasuring, our breathing becomes louder, our fingers digging, scratching, our mouths locked in a never ending passionate kiss, our lips & tongues entwined, writhing, slithering, probing, locked in delicious erotic combat. You break your lips from our embrace, fluttering kisses across my cheek,licking & sucking my lips, my jaw, probing my ear with the hot tip, making me squirm with ecstasy, murmur loving words of encouragement in my ears, begging me to fuck you harder.

Our fucking rapidly increases into a frenzied fuckathon, our bodies slapping hard against each other, your beautiful tits slamming against my heaving chest, your hard nipples digging into my tender flesh, your pussy clenching my cock, unwilling to let it slip away on the outward journey, only to welcome its forward surge in ecstasy & delight, your body quivering in erotic delight. Sweat pours down our copulation bodies, our mouths, lips & tongues locked in mortal combat, your horny cries of delight reverberating in my ears, your sobs of passion finding an echo in my soul, matching my thrusting sword of flesh, digging, probing, thrashing deep into your inner being.

Your body starts to quiver & shake, your orgasm ecstatically building up, flooding your being with unbearable feelings of delirious delight, my cries joining yours in a cacophony of sound,
a sublime duet of ecstasy. Unable to control our passion any longer, reaching its orgasmic peak,
our erotic wave of ecstasy crashes over, our bodies shaking & shuddering as our join orgasm exploded thru our pulsing loins, ur pussy squirting its love juices all over my spurting cock, cascading over my contracting luv nuts, ur flailing nails digging at my back, my hand tightly gripping your lovely rounded twitching buttocks, both hanging on for dear life as our bodies are shaken like rag dolls by the forces of our orgasm, my hot loads of cum shooting deep into your wanton womb, filling ur belly, every nook & cranny of ur being, I'm sure I taste it on my tongue.

My legs become numb & weak and we slowly slump to the floor, our entwined limbs locked in coital bliss, our lips & tongues still probing, sucking, pleasing & pleasuring, unwilling to let this exquisite feeling die, as we lay exhausted, utterly content & satisfied, our luv juices seeping out, mixing & mingling into an exotic molatov cocktail, a symbol of our lust".

My cock starts to jerk and shudder, pains of ecstasy shooting thru my contracting scrotum as my orgasm arrived, my balls exquisitely aching as my hot boiling cum spurting out of the tip of my convulsing cock, splattering all over my body and the soft clean bedding nearby, covering me in a blanket of cum as it continued to shoot load after load, your smiling face filling my memory banks, smacking ur lips, ur tongue licking the cum from my shaking spent body, lovingly swallowing every drop. Blissfully content, I roll into a foetal position and drift into an exhausted sleep, your beautiful face imprinted on my mind, embracing me and swimming with me into the sea of my dreams for more delicious memories.

I sure wish it were true, not just another fantasy!!!

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